Product Review : Sato Pastaron Ultra Hydrating Cream

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Dry skin can be so uncomfortable when it is marked with itching, cracking, redness. The skin also looks rough. I'm also suffering from dry skin, it's getting worse because I always spend most of the time inside the house with air-conditioner, taking shower with warm water all the time, get exposure with laundry detergent. 

Dry skin symptoms :
- Skin feels and looks rough
- skin feels tightness especially after bathing or swimming
- Itching
- Fine lines or cracks
- Redness

What causes dry skin :
- Weather
- Heat or air conditioning
- Hot baths or showers
- Harsh soaps and detergents
- UV-rays
- Genetic
- Aging
- Skin condition such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis are prone to dry skin.

Lucky me I was invited and introduced with SATO PASTARON ULTRA HYDRATING CREAM previously, and I've already posted about the event here.
I was so excited to try the product, and really hope that it will help to solve my skin problem.

The product itself is packaged in a simple plastic jar and it's imported from Japan.

The texture is creamy gel-like with no scent, and it feels a bit thick when you apply on your skin. It feels a bit oily and sticky on the skin before it's slowly absorbed into your skin.

The product contains  Urea 20% to help moisturize skin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate as anti-inflamation, Tocopherol acetate as anti-oxidant.

How to use :
1. Cleanse the dry skin area.
3. You can apply several times a day

I tried to apply SATO PASTARON ULTRA HYDRATING CREAM on my cracked feet for almost 2 weeks. I usually apply it in the morning after bath on damp skin,  afternoon (sometimes forget to apply), evening after bath on damp skin and night ( and don't forget to wear socks to keep the foot warm and it's good for the cream penetration).

And the result is so amazing , my foot is still dry, but it's in better condition now. You can check on the pictures below :

Where to buy ?

around Rp. 153.000 - Rp. 159.900 for 60g

Are you interested to try the product too???

Thanks for reading and until my next post!


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