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Ola everyone!

Today I wanna share with you one of that I can call my bravebeauty makeup, because I tried to use bold color here for my lips , something that I never wore before. But then turned out to fall in love with the color and would love to wear it to some special occasions. Are you curious with the lipstick that I used? Please continue to read because I will share with you in this post.

For eyes, I created a soft blended cut-crease eyeshadow and completed with really sharp winged-eyeliner to create seductive-wicked eyes (?) or sexy-vampy eyes should I call?
Anyway, here's the complete look, I kinda feel that it looks like Marilyn Monroe's makeup here, especially with the lil mole that I applied on my left cheek :D. Hey but I truly have one there, just try to enhance its appearance more.

Products for FACE :

Foundation  : Revlon Colorstay in shade 200 for combination/oily skin
Concealer : NYX waterproof concealer stick in Beige
Compact Powder : Makeover Perfect Cover Two Way Cake in Light Beige
Blush on : NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in Rosey
Contour powder :MUFE Sculpting Kit

Products for EYES :

Eyebrow : NYX eyebrow cake powder in Brunette
Eyeshadow : Victoria Secret Sexy Smoky Eyes
Eyeliner : The Balm Schwing
Mascara : Maybelline Rocket Mascara

Products for LIPS :
And now, for LIPS , this is the product that I used :

can you guess? Yes, right! It's Lime Crime Velvetine Lip Stain in Wicked, to complete my vamp-tastic look.

It's very pigmented and I really love the red-burgundy-wine color. It gives you matte finish and stays long last  with minimum stain transferred into cup, yay! But it can be very dry on the lips for long time usage.
The other good thing is that it's also paraben free!
It's hard to remove with water only, but it's easily removed with makeup remover.

Tried to remove it with water.

Not available in Indonesia stores, should PO at online makeup shop, and it's pricey, USD $20 for 2.6 ml and I bought it around IDR 300,000 from online shop here. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi mb I'm a fan of your blog ;)
    Make up yg mb bikin simple dan keliatannya effortles ;*

    1. hi Dewa Ayu :) nice to know you.. and thank youuuuu bangettt....
      semoga menginspirasi yaa...

  2. Omg ini lime crime yang aku pengen bgt waaahh...bagus jadinya ya di kamu :)

  3. This is such a gorgeous look! Love it! Btw I have been wanted to buy Limecrime Wicked velvetine for such a long time. May I ask which online shop is it?

    1. Hi Gaby, nice to know you.. I've already inform you on your blog ya.. so that you can notified immediately

  4. Ya ampuuun kece paraaaaaaah <3 *ga tau mau komen apa lagi* hahaha

    Sweet Therapy by Ririe Prameswari

    1. hi ririee.. thank you so much for the compliment :) xoxo

  5. Now that I can see the Wicked on Indonesian! Haha, selama ini liatnya di orang bule mulu. Aku pikir dia warnanya bakal lbh tua dr ini Ci, tp trnyta maroon-nya masih moderate ya

    1. haha... salam kenal revenian :)..warnanya bisa lebih tua lagi, ini karena aku ga tebel2 banget pakenya ...

  6. weeee, yg mainannya lime crime, tumben make yg mahal2 buat diri sndr mak hahahahhaa

    The Journey

    1. hahaaay...lagi jatuh cintrong sama warnanya ni maaak :D skalian kena racun

  7. pretty dolly vampy~
    pengen lime crime stainnya tapi mihil! :)


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