Makeup for Maternity Photoshoot with Octavia

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Hello again!

Really sorry if I disturb you with some posts related with my works lately. Hopefully you are happy with my works and won't disturb you ya! 

Today's post will be related with makeup for photoshoot when was helping my friend to do the makeup for her maternity photoshoot with PopUp Studio.

My friend that day was a really fun client I would say. Despite of all of her preggy condition, she could still enjoy all of the activities from makeup session, until the photoshoot was done! bravo to you , mom! She did not even saying "I'm tired" , which mostly all of the preggy mom could say if they have all day long activities, and always gave us the best smile during the day. She only said  "HOT ! it's pretty hot here!" *sambil kipas kipas* hehehe...

Thanks to you. Octa, I'm really glad that you are really really satisfied with my job. Hopefully we can work together next time :)
And congratulation to you and your baby :) we wish you both all the best and very happy and healthy life in the future.

lighting is different between before and after pics. After pic was taken at studio with yellowish lighting.

Candid pic below is taken by me. Udah lama ga motret, jadi gatal pengen motret juga pas di studio HEHE... She's so beautiful isn't she... 

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Thank youuu


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  1. Indeed, she looks gorgeous!
    Btw dear, share cara mengcover under eye dong.. Before after ny beda bgt, keliatan mengecil gt eyebag ny.. Thanks! :D

    1. hi sarah.. untuk camouflage under eye bag bisa dilihat disini ya ;)


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