Bridal Makeup for Nana

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"Every girl has that perfect plan of what her wedding would be like"

I'm sure that all of you , brides to be, already have dream of what your wedding will look like. Me too, ever dreamt about it and thanks God I finally made it come true. I love every little thing about wedding day. It's once in a lifetime event right? You want it to be special and I bet all the brides and grooms , especially for the brides, want to be looked beautiful and glowing.
I've ever been in that position. All about my make up and gown should be perfect. Since then, I've been falling in love with bridal make up and wedding gown. My decision afterwards, to be a bridal make up artist. I would love to see other girls to be a bride and help them to enhance their beauty. 

And this is a bridal makeup created by me for Nana
I love soft and elegant make up, and I tried to create that on her with soft smoky look.

This is her before makeup

With Wedding Gown and accessories

Every bride deserves to be beautiful on her wedding day right?
So what's your make up plan for your wedding?

Thanks for visiting and reading :)


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  1. Yuhuuu cantik banget ce ^_^
    Love your makeup ^_^

  2. Cantiiiik banget! Suka efek glowingnya sama makeupnya yang pas dan cantiiiiiik... ♥

  3. cantiikk hasilnya..
    mind to follow each other ?
    i have already followed you

  4. Replies
    1. makasii vaniii.. neng cantikk sini aku mekupin yuuuk HIHIHIHIHI

  5. beforenya cantik... afternya apalagi :)


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