Tutorial : Get your Sexy Lashes by Combining your Natural Fake Lashes

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Hi ladies!

First of all I would love to wish you who celebrate, Merry Christmas! wish you a wonderful and very joyful Christmas, have a blessday everyone! O yeah and have a nice holiday to all!

OMG, it's christmas already. And this is my son's 2nd Christmas! Time flies so fast!

Well I'm back with tips on combining your fake eyelashes. If you have already tried this trick, please share with me and let me know how it works ok?

For today's tutorial , I use two types of lashes from ITSDIVA LASHES, type 84 and 85. You can see the model from picture below. Both lashes will give you natural lashes when applied separately.

So in order to get sexier  eyelook, I'm gonna combine those two lashes with glue. I put the 84 above the 85. 

See below picture, now you can see the difference , before and after combining those lashes. You will get sexier and thicker eyelashes to wear. (OMG really sorry I wrongfully place the eyelash -left and righ- order for the combined eyelashes if you recognized it)

and this is when applied on my eyes. What do you think?

thanks for reading and see you in my next post :)


 photo signatureblog2014_zps5a5d1746.jpg

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  1. Wow u have a pretty eyes !! Love the eyelashes ♡♡

  2. ah mak muiiii... keren amit sihhhh

  3. Love the lashes!



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