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Good night all!

Today's post is about my Innisfree Red Ginseng Mask. Bought this at Korea months ago, when my skin was really really dry. I even did not do any research first about the product before bought it fiuh! Just want to try to find good natural product and I would love to try something from Innisfree.
This Red Ginseng Mask is targeted to dry and dull skin. It will help to moisturize and brighten your skin. Wow! I would love to have a bright skin.

Here, let me tell you first why I'm interested with red ginseng. Red ginseng have became a very popular health remedy in Korea. Based on information that I've read from this site (  It takes 4-6 years to harvest and 10 years waiting period before the next crop to be planted in order for the soil to have adequate nutrients for ginseng to survive. Because of this reason, red ginseng is filled with many vitamins and minerals.

Some of Red Ginseng benefits are :
1. Relieve stress and fatigue
2. Boost mental efficiency
3. Boost immune system
4. Boost libido
5. Lower blood pressure
6. Control blood sugar
7. As anti-inflamatory, can help threat arthritis
8. Help to address any imbalance like infection, insomnia, stress, digestive issue, etc.
9. Ginseng in skincare can help to tone and revitalize skin
10. can help to balance oil gland production, smooth fine lines and wrinkles in mature skin.

Ginseng contains large number of phytonutrients that can stimulate and activate skin's metabolism and blood flow to regenerate and brighten your skin.
(waaaa... makin tertarik kaaan bacanya).

So let's see the product :

The packaging itself comes in a plastic jar. I thought it's a glass in a glance. The packaging looks natural and seems like the box is created with recycled paper. And you know what, they also use Soy Ink to print all the fonts and image on the packaging. Thumbs up! they really concern with environment and use environmentally friendly packaging. 


very sticky! It looks like honey, and the smell is very.. hmm ginseng? hahaha very herbal ! (kayak jamu gitu lho... duh susah ngomongnya). For those who doesn't like very strong herbal smell, you can avoid this haha... But I think I still can handle it when applying this thing on my face. And I found the smell can help me feel more relax. NAH! is it just me or it happens to you too? I like herbal smell you know.

After cleansing and refining with toner, apply gently to entire face, avoid eyes and lip area. After 10-15 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water. You may use it regularly once or twice a week.

Below is my face picture when using it. 

15,000 WON (IDR 172,000) for 100 ml in Innisfree Korea

Does it work on my face?
Yes! it moisturizes my skin and it does not sting when applied. But I still feel that it doesn't help much with the acne scars. I don't know.. perhaps I should use it regularly. Overall, I love this product. 
The things that I do not like only its stickiness and no spatula provided in the box.

Thanks for reading :)


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Disclaimer : This product is my personal stuff. It's  not a sponsored review. This review is based on my experience of using it and it might work well with me and not with you and vice versa.

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  1. ciii, bau nya bikin pusing gak?? aku pnya sleeping mask yg wine kepalaku puyeng -_- btw ini masker bukan sleeping mask kan ci? mau coba ah hihihi

    1. haduh yang wine lebih nyengat ndak ya? nanti kalo ketemu tak bawain sya, km coba cium... lumayan wangiii bener gitu... bukan sleeping mask kok.. wash-off mask...

  2. Ce Mukti, tetep cantik walaupun tanpa makeup ya ^_^
    Aku baru coba yang jejunya doank nih masker Innisfreenya hahaha.

    1. huahahaha masa si luciiii :D *jadi ge er ni ibu2 satu ini hahahaha * maacih cantiiik... nah itu aku malah belum coba. beneran bagus tah?

  3. muka cece v-shape bgt sih >.< *salah fokus

  4. I love this mask! Too good :)
    Visit my blog and drop your link via commentluv <3
    Do add me on G+ I will add you back :)


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