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What is the first thing that comes into your mind when talking about Hollywood celebrities? Glamorous look? their glam life? Glamorous... Yes, as very well-known public figures, they are supposed to be looked glam with glam-tastic skin in front of the camera.
Let me share with you one of the secret. Here it is GLAMGLOW youthmud mask. 

What is it and where does it come from? 

GLAMGLOW was created and founded by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore for exclusive behind the scenes use in Hollywood's entertainment, music, fashion and award industries, especially as pre-makeup to get camera ready glowing skin. It is made in California and now is available in 52 countries. The product is made for man and women with natural ingredients with the combination of TEAOXI technology and French Sea Clay , that will give you a delightful TINGLE sensation and giving you an amazing 3 days glow. 

Thanks to Glamglow Indonesia that give me a chance to this Hollywood's recipe! 

The packaging is really nice, with black and white and silver color. Simple, masculine, but it's so sexy, glamorous and mysterious. Seems like there's something powerful hidden in it. And what is that? I will share with you more!

With the instant 10 minutes effect, this product has become winner of New Beauty by the Beauty Choice Award, and it was voted by ELLE magazine as no 1 Beauty Obsession, Best Seller Stamp, and winner of the Hottest Product. It is now THE HOT NOW item in SEPHORA.

Natalie Portman, Tommy Lee, Usher, Cee Lo Green, Ryan Seacrest, Nina Dobrev, Miley Cyrus are some of the Hollywood celebs that use this product. And all of them love it.

Wow... All the information above makes me curious about the product. Are you curious too?
Let's open the package :)

The mask texture is like a real mud with strong and fresh green tea aroma.

Ingredients :
Real green tea leaf pieces
will help to brighten complexion, protects against free-radicals, hydrates the skin and balances oil

Volcanic minerals
will help to lighten under-eye dark circle , detoxifies, and awakens skin

will improve skin elasticity, tightens and lifts, provides extended tigthtening effect

Works as anti-inflammatory, helps to heal skin, soothes and calms the skin

Comfrey Herb
Creates youger looking complexion and speeds cell regeneration

Helps to heal breakouts, natural anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory

Chamomile and marigold flower
Significant anti-platelet properties, fights skin issues and anti-microbial.

Directions to use
apply thin layer to clean face ( thin layer is enough, no need thick layer ), and leave it for around 10 minutes, and then remove it with water with circular motion to exfoliate. Use it twice a week or as often as desired.

My first attempt trying the mask, uh wow, I love the green tea smell! it smells good and its refreshing aroma made me relax. Love the tingling and cooling sensation on my face!
The mask dries fast and you can see the green tea leaf piece on my face below.
To remove the mask, I splashed just a lil bit water on my face first and then massage the mask with circular motion on my face (scrubbing scrubbing. Please be gently because the scrub is a lil bit harsh. Attention please for you who have sensitive skin).  And then you can  rinse until clean. 

So what's the result?

If you expect that it will remove your acne scar instantly, well it's a NO! My red acne scars are still there. So do not expect that it will remove those scars ya!
I got the instant glowing (but not significant - if you expect significant difference before and after applying the mask. Perhaps it might will work better on your skin, or you might get the same result with me , it depends...). But I can tell you surely that my skin also felt smoother and fresher 
I think it will help us to prepare a good canvas before we do the make up! That's why they use this product as a pre - makeup treatment on the backstage!
With a smooth skin texture, I bet it will help us to achieve a flawless and fine make up 

Where to buy in Indonesia ?
Available at BEAUTYBOX Store in Kota Kasablanka LG Fl. , 
Grand Indonesia West Mall LG Fl. , 
Paris Van Java Bandung , 
Trans Studio Mall Makassar.

Price ?
IDR 760,000 for 1.7 fl. oz or around 50 ml (Sephora price : $69 )

I got mine in 0.5 fl. oz which is not available in Indonesia.
Check at Sephora, it's around $19.

The price is still too pricey in my humble opinion T_T

So what do you think? Are you interested to try the mask? Please share your opinion ;)

Thanks for reading.


Disclaimer : This product is sponsored by GLAMGOW INDONESIA, the review is pure 100% honest review based on my experience of using it. It might work well on me and not with you , and vice versa.

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  1. omaygoooodd harganya boooookkkkkk >_<
    tp kayaknya bagus ya mak, secara kulit org bule meskipun bnyak flek2 tetep terawat n alus :D

    1. iya wi.. mehong si ya untuk sekecil itu... demi wajah seperti artis hollywood :) >.<... enak banget wanginya dan alusnya itu lho ... hedeh...

  2. harganya bonyokin orang yah hahaha

    1. hahaha *plak* digaplok pake glamglow hihihi :D ada harga ada kualitas memang ;D

  3. penasaran cii, tp aduh harganya nyekik bangetttttt ><

    1. iya ta... kalo ini bisa dipake more than 5x masih OK si ya...

  4. Pakenya tipis jadi rada irit ya c, kemasannya kecil soalnya..
    tapi tetep aja harganyaaaaaaaaa....... wkkwkwkkw

    1. iyes... disuruhnya tipis2 ajah hihihi... lumayan bisa irit lah nih... daripada 1 jar buat 1 kali pake hahaha...

  5. Replies
    1. hihihi iyah kalo 1 jar bisa 10 kali pake, lumayan seharga masker Etude lah :D

  6. Say q ad beli sx da beli baru tau klu hamil 7minggu
    kira2 bs d pkai buat bumil gx yach?
    yg q beli glamglow yg Youthmud say....
    hamil wajah jd lbh kusam....mau di pkai tp gx tw aman gx bwt janin

    Please,info na donk say


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