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Hi there !

Etude House Indonesia has launched its a hot item in store The Almighty Foundation PRECIOUS MINERAL ANY CUSHION on October 17,2013. It's now officially available in almost 32 ETUDE HOUSE stores in Indonesia.
If you are curious what it is and what it looks like, please continue to read. I will be happy to share my brief to you. I decided to try this product last weekend when I was taking my baby day-out to a mall in Bekasi. Now I am prefer to hang-out around Bekasi on weekend since there are some new nice malls and places to go here, and I also can't bear with Jakarta bad traffic anymore. 


Mine is in Natural Beige W13

So what it is?
It's actually a liquid foundation packed in a compact packaging with a cushion inside. With cushion cell-trap technology, it can hold the liquid foundation and keep it smooth and fresh. 

This Precious Mineral Any Cushion offers you 6-in-1 multi function such as :
1. Cover your skin and imperfection, and also brighten your skin. Helps you to get flawless and dewy look just in a short time
2. with SPF 50++/PA+++ it will help to protect your skin from very bad UV rays.
3. Moiturize your skin
4. Sebum control
5. Reduce wrinkle appearance 
6. Cooling sensation when applied onto your skin

Ingredients without parabens. Quite happy to know it.

The plastic packaging itself is really cute with  pearl-pink color with Etude House logo on top of the cap and has a full mirror on the back of the cap. But it's a little bit bulky.

 The rubber puff sponge is really helpful in applying the foundation on my face. It helps to create a thin and smooth layer on the skin. Just need to dab dab dab!

The cushion with cushion-cell technology that holds the foundation really well.

 After dabbing on my face. The sponge does not absorb the liquid foundation like any usual make up sponge will do.

The color really suits my skin color and it helps to create a dewy and fresh look on my face
It does not cover all my acne scars as you can see below. I still need concealer to get flawless look :)
And since it's still feel a little bit sticky on my face (IMHO), I still need powder to get more matte look. 
It's good to know that it has SPF 50++, it's so practical! I do not need to wear any sunscreen first before makeup. Another good thing is that yay, I did not experience any breakout!

It does not have a good staying power on my face (with combination skin), since it was already faded in the 3-4 hours of wearing, and need to touch up again. And I did not feel the cooling sensation, why oh why?
But overall, I love this. It's very lightweight, smooth and I think it will suit my daily make up, while I really need a quick natural make up look. 

It's available in two colors in Indonesia 
Natural Beige W13
Honey Beige W24

Price : IDR 218,000

Thanks Etude House Indonesia for giving me a chance to try this product  :)

Are you interested to try this one? Or perhaps you already have it and try it? 
Please share with me your experience :)


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Disclaimer : The product is sponsored by Etude House Indonesia. I give 100% honest review based on my experience of using it. It might work well with me but not with you and vice versa.

Please do not copy all of the content (article and pictures) without my permission!

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  1. everybody keep on talking about this product..and i feel so curious to try. nice review dear ;)

  2. glownya cantiiikk.. salam kenal yah ^^


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