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Hi lovely readers,

On September 14, 2013, I was invited by Lancome to participate on their blogger gathering event at Kota Kasablanka, Kuningan, Jakarta. The place is quite far far away from my home, and since it was held on Saturday, you know, Jakarta's traffic is also really really bad on Saturday. Lucky me, my hubby and my baby were willing to accompany me to go to the event. Dresscode and make up look should follow from Hypnose Palette theme.  And I try to create this one for my eyeshadow look :)

See my baby here, he drove me to the mall! hehehe *LOL*.

Please do not take above pictures seriously. It's just for fun! I took his driving picture when we were stuck on the very bad traffic. And he was wearing his bibs, means that he's also having his lunch in the car hihi...

The event took place at the atrium of the mall, and they actually also launch the new eyeshadow palette LANCOME HYPNOSE EYESHADOW PALETTE with stunning color that will help you to create gorgeous make up look from neutral to bold-glamorous look.

 Lancome brings three eyeshadow color themes with 12 shades available that can be created with the palette : STAR EYES, DOLL EYES and DRAMA EYES.

The packaging is also quite impressive, Lancome adds magnetic system within the packaging so it will keep the brush intact with the palette, so you don't need to worry that you will drop or loose the brush. Other technology comes with the eyeshadow is that it allows us to wear it DRY or WET if you want to get deeper intensity.


Swatch of the palette :

The make up demo showed us all three looks with the Hypnose Palette.

haha don't laugh, it's just like stairs :D

OK, time to camwhoring with some bloggers :)

Until next post!


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  1. ganteeengg, lain kali anter onti sama ming xia belanja yaaaaa :*

    1. nyahaahaha, hayo ontiii mau belanja mekup lagi ya??? HAHAHAH :D

  2. aduh lucunya si kecil :D
    umur segitu emang lagi ngegemesin bgt yah :D

    1. hahaha tenkyu tante eryyy :) .... iya lagi lucu2nyah :D dikerjain jg nerimo ajah :D

  3. ahahahahhaiiiii, dapet ajah gaya dan IDEnya XD

    1. iya kakakk.. hihihihi lagi banyak gaya soalnya :D


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