2nd Giveaway feat. ITSDIVA LASHES Winners

12:21:00 AM

Hi everyone :)

First of all, I would love to thanks for your participation in this giveaway featuring ITSDIVA LASHES.

Really appreciate for all the effort to review the lashes between your tight schedule.

As I've ever mentioned previously on my post about the 2nd giveaway here, final 5 winners will be selected by the owner itself.
And this is the time to announce all the winners :)

I would love to say CONGRATULATION to all the winners below, and each of you will get a surprise beauty  package from ITSDIVA LASHES :).

Are you one of the winner?

1. Ellen  Tan
2. Falaqie Nila
3. Dewie Aprillia
4. Sanny Lie
5. Diah Fara Dilla

For my frens mentioned below, we are still waiting for your review about the product ya :). Please do commit with the 1st giveaway rule to give honest review about the product. If you've already posted in your blog, please do let me know :) ...

1. Riana Analau from http://riana-rin.blogspot.com
2. Liza Chan from http://candy-peach.blogspot.com
3. Rika Sakana from http://sparklingplum1310.blogspot.com/
4. Vindy Harfrida from http://inivindy.com

Thank you so much everyone!

See you again on my next Giveaway :)

psst.. there will be new giveaway before christmas! So don't miss it! and make sure you read the rules...

love and Cheers!

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  1. thank you Its Diva Lashes dan ci Mui ^^
    its diva lashes GO! muimiu GO! :D

    1. sama sama diah :) congrats yaaa.. ditunggu paketnya, nanti langsung cus dikirim sama itsdiva ;)


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