2nd Giveaway Collaboration with ITSDIVA LASHES

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Do you still remember my previous giveaway sponsored by ITSDIVA LASHES? If not, you can click here for details. Me with ITSDIVA held mega giveaway by giving 50 boxes of lashes for free.
So now, it's time for the 2nd giveaway that we promised to you!

Giveaway period : 12 - 26 October 2013
Who can participate : 25 ITSDIVA giveaway winners and my readers who already have ITSDIVA lashes.

Rules :
1. You have to be my blog followers, you have to connect with me through Google friends connect
2. You have to be my Facebook fanpage followers
3. You have to be ITSDIVA fans here  
4. Please follow my twitter account :) @Mrs_Mui
5. Please follow my instagram account :)  @Mrs_Mui (click on Instagram image on this blog). [optional]

( pls mention your GFC/FB/twitter / IG name on this post comment box - 25 winners that already post their GFC/FB account name before on 1st giveaway, can skip rules 1-3)

What to do :
1. Post a review about ITSDIVA Lashes and post your picture wearing ITSDIVA Lashes + ITSDIVA lashes box :) on your blog
2. You are free to write the Review as creative as you can! hehee...  but it should cover these things :
    - ITSDIVA packaging
    - ITSDIVA price
    - ITSDIVA model
    - Is it soft, flexible and comfort to wear?
    - any other feedbacks are welcome!
    - From 9 ITSDIVA lashes which model(s) that you like ? (you can post more than one )
3. Put this banner as sidebanner on your blog ;) and link it to THIS POST

4. Post your link post to ITSDIVA FB page and don't forget to mention MUIMIU BEAUTY BLOG as creative as you can!

Your review will be assessed by ITSDIVA owner itself :) and don't forget ITSDIVA will provide 5 beauty packages for 5 best reviewers!

5 winners will be announced at 2 November 2013 through this blog and through ITSDIVA fanpage!

Thank you so much for your attention and participation!

Til next giveaway!

Love ya!

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  1. Hi!
    GFC and FB: Jennifer Truong
    Twitter: @jennettaphetta
    Instagram: @_jennifferrr_

  2. Twitter: @wind1403
    FB: winda trisuci
    IG: @wind1403
    Post: http://wind-atree.blogspot.com/2013/10/makeup-look-comic-pop-art-versi-wayang.html

  3. aahh ga ada lashes itsdiva T___T hehehehe

    1. beliii giit .. murah kok hehehe... lumayan nti hadiahnya :) paket beauty dari itsdiva

  4. smua done ya mak ^^ kecuali instagram, ga punya hehehe
    Twitter : @dewieaprillia

  5. Twitter dan IG: @moliviatjia

    Review post URL:

  6. Mommyyyyy...
    All followed hihihi..
    Ig n twitterku @sannylie
    Postnya http://sannylie-subroto.blogspot.com/2013/10/its-diva-lashes-review-and-day-to-night.html?m=1

  7. Hi cici Mukti
    GFC-ku : Yanita Sya
    Fb : https://www.facebook.com/yanita.sya
    Twitter : @yanitapangellah
    IG : yanitasya
    Post : http://notonlywear.blogspot.com/2013/10/be-diva-as-your-self.html

    makasih ya cici. :D

  8. ce, aku uda post :)
    FB n CFG : Riyani Teressa
    Twitter n IG : @ri-ri_riyanti
    Terima kasih :)

  9. GFC : Intan Novriza Kamala Sari

    FB : Intan Novriza Kamala Sari

    twitter : @inokari_

    IG name : @inokari

    Link Review : http://intannovrizakamalasari.blogspot.com/2013/10/tampil-ayu-dengan-bulu-mata-palsu.html

    Trims, dear :)

  10. Review Doneee ^_^
    GFC : Kornelia Luciana
    FB : Kornelia Luciana
    Twitter : @KorneliaLuciana
    IG : @kornelialuciana
    Post : http://gratefulbeauty.blogspot.com/2013/10/review-itsdiva-lashes-no84-85.html

  11. GFC : vinitsurayya
    FB : Vini Tsurayya Fadhilah
    twitter : @piniprutt
    Link blogpost : http://vinitsurayya.blogspot.com/2013/10/itsdiva-lashes-no-85-and-87.html

    Last minute, semoga beruntung aamiin :D

  12. Aku sudah post ce :D

    GFC: Falaqie Nila
    FB: Falaqie Nila
    Twitter: faranira
    IG: falaqienila

    Thank you :D

  13. GFC : Ellen Tan
    FB : Ellen Tan
    Twitter : @loveellentan
    IG : loveellentan
    Post : http://loveellentan.blogspot.com/2013/10/itsdiva-lashes-review-no-84-85.html

    Thank you cece ^^

  14. Hi ci Mukti, maaf baru submit :)

    IG : glowliciouss
    Twitter : me_kanaya

    Link Post : http://www.glowlicious.me/2013/10/review-itsdiva-lashes-review-swatches.html


  15. Hello Sista,
    so sorry for my very late post..
    but this is it! xixixi this is my post about ItsDIVA Lashes..

    Link: http://misseharascloset.blogspot.com/2013/10/review-become-diva-or-sweet-girl-with.html

    My GFC: Ehara Poetry
    FB: Ehara Poetry
    Twitter: @MissEharaCloset
    IG: miss_ehara

    Thank you <3

  16. Telat posting nih >.<
    lainnya done, twitter n insta: @jcliani
    post: http://jessicaliani.blogspot.com/2013/11/review-itsdiva-lashes-88-itsdiva-lashes.html

  17. GFC : Belliani Bebe

    FB : Belliani Bebe

    twitter : @BellianiBebe

    IG name : @belliani

    Link Review :http://aloha-bebe.blogspot.com/2013/10/review-itsdiva-lashes-code-85-code-88_18.html


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