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Hi lovelies!

How's your sat night ladies???
Me? was spending my time at home, accompanying my little baby who's sleeping right next to me right now!That's why I do have time to post something on my blog! :D

So , who doesn't know OSCAR BLANDI? if you don't know about him, well, I will try to write something about him first here.

Oscar Blandi (read BLAHNDEE) is born and raised in Naples, Italy. Moved to US around 1990s and then becomes  a very well-known hairstylist among hollywood celebrities afterwards. He then launched his own products OSCAR BLANDI PRODUCT COLLECTION in 2005 inspired by his love of hair and his passion for helping woman express themselves. His loyal celebrity clients include Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Faith Hill, etc.
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OK, well, right now, I would like to introduce to you a hair cream that would become your savior to have a beautiful - not frizzy - and glossy hair immediately, just like celebrities have!


 Read the ingredients here :
 It has creamy texture with a little bit like citrus scented. and a little bit greasy if you apply too much on your hair.

 This is my hair before I apply this OSCAR BLANDI GLOSSING CREAM. Since having a baby, I don't have enough time in the morning to style my hair. It's always on a rush everyday! I have to end up going to office without combing my hair, and only pinning my hair with hairclip. As you can guess I have tangled hair almost everyday. 
psst, this OSCAR BLANDI GLOSSING CREAM help me with my tangled hair.
This is my hair looked like yesterday morning, right after waking up, a lil bit tangled!

I'll show you how this product works. Squeeze small amount of the cream on your palm.I used around this much (see below)

Put your hands together and rub a bit, and then apply the cream on dry or damp hair,
My hair becomes smooth and easy to comb immediately

(picture above using window lighting only)

(picture above was taken with flash, to show you the glossy effect)

See the difference? This product will help your frizzy and tangled hair, give you glossy effect, prevent cuticle damaged, and protect your hair from bad UV rays. 

This cream contains keratin protein, that can give your hair heat protection, you can use it also before styling your hair using hair drier, or hair straightener etc. 

Do I like this cream? Yes I do. I bring this cream on my bag almost everyday! hehehe

If you are interested with this cream you can go and check OSCAR BLANDI INDONESIA fanpage in FB for more details.

Thanks for reading 

Disclaimer : This product is sponsored by OSCAR BLANDI INDONESIA.  Review that I write is 100% honest review based on my experience with the product. Please note that the product might works well for me but not with you, and vice versa.

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  1. Ane paling suka produknya Oscar Blandi Sis, memang sangat cocok juga untuk wanita Indonesia. Kini toko belanja online Oscar Blandi Indonesia sudah diluncurkan Maret 2014 kemaren, jadi lebih mudah deh mau shoppingnya. Ane suka Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo soalnya praktis, bisa dipakai di dalam kendaraaan juga pas ada acara mendadak.

    Salam Kenal ya sis, semoga tambah cantik mempesona.


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