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Hi everyone...
Mumpung Baby E bobok siang, I'm gonna share with you one of my travel studio palette from Christian Dior. I love this one, it's very compact and easy to carry when travelling, though a lil bit bulky (14.1cm x 9.1cm x 2.7cm) coz it has 2 compartments. This is the picture of it :

All things that I need are almost there, except the blush on, let's see what inside the palette :
1 Diorskin Forever Compact 7g ( #020 Light Beige )
6 Eyeshadow ( #822-009, #959-042, #194-233)
3 Lipgloss 1.5g ( #151, #183, #579 )
1 Diorshow Mascara 5ml ( #090 Black )
1 Mini Eyeliner Pencil ( #090 Black )
1 Mini Lipliner Pencil ( #513 Linen )
1 Foundation Brush
1 Lip Applicator
1 Eyeshadow Applicator

Diorskin Forever Compact Review :
I love this compact powder. 
Its color matches my skin so well. 
It gives me a smooth, and natural coverage that lasts all day. 
It doesn't oxidize on my skin
It features SPF 25, which is good enough to protect my skin
Buildable sheer to medium coverage
not cakey
(-) breakout a lil bit on my sensitive skin

Eyeshadows Fard A Paupieres Review :
Take a closer look for the eyeshadows and the swatch

A & B are shimmery eyeshadows, whilst the last one more matte.
Pigmentation is so so, still need eyeshadow base or primer to build the color intensity.
But overall, I like the colors provided, enough for helping me creating natural look, or smoky look :) I'm gonna post my look using this eyeshadow
Brilliant A Levre Lipgloss Review :
Love all the color, it gives you natural colors with fine shimmer effect.
Moisturizing and glossy
Pigmentation is so so, need several application to build the color intensity
(-) not long lasting
Swatch without flash
Swatch with flash
Mascara, Lip Liner and Eyeliner Review :
Mascara : 
It dried up quickly and is smudge-proof (you can see on my picture below, I tried to smudge all the lines with my finger)
Easy to clean up, even only using water... see the third picture below. Only the mascara that is disappear when I rub my hand with water.
Forget to take the brush picture, but it comes with bulky brush.
It gives you natural lashes look

Eyeliner :
It is very soft and not too pigmented, you need more strokes to get darker black. 
And when it applies on eyeshadow, its pigmentation looks ashy
Smudge easily 
Easy to clean up with eye make up remover

Lip Liner :
It is also very soft and pigmented.
Glides on easily
Has a good staying power
smudge with water :
Rub my hand :
 Rub with eyemake up remover
So this is my review and based on my experience of using it.
Hope it helps :)

NB: foto2 diatas sebagian besar foto lama (waktu baru beli hihi... lupa mau posting di blog dan baru kesampaian sekarang nulis reviewnya). sekarang si uda cowel2 tu lipglossnya apalagi powdernya uda ga ada garis2nya hahaa :D

Disclaimer : I bought this product with my own money and this honest review is based on my experience of using it. It may work well for me and not with you and vice versa.

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  1. wihhh.. cece pas beli brapaan ce? :D
    bagus ya kyny..

    1. Waktu itu beli di hongkong rin..lupa berapaan..kalo ga salah sekitar 400-600 rb an....

  2. Waahhh sayang banget eyelinernya smudge.. Padahal merknya mahal ya.. :(

    1. Iya van... Sayang bangettt....trus kurang nampol itemnya....

  3. I always love the idea of makeup set but they never work out for me. There's always something in the set that I end up hating. The case looks rather pretty though! :) Thanks for the review!

    1. Yes true...I just don't like the eyeliner that comes with the set...Yes the case is pretty and Has glossy surface that is not anti-fingerprint :D

  4. warna pinknya cantik <3

    aku udah follow ya. thanks ;)
    visit my blog ^^

    1. iya nge... aku pun suka banget pinknya natural skale... :D

  5. ^sigh, i always wanted to get that travel set whenever i pass by the duty free shop at the airport, but the price always keeps me back >___<

    1. c'mon, you have to try to buy it someday... :)

  6. palletenya beli dimana sist?
    infonya dong :D
    aku newbie nih,lagi belajar bikin blog,mohon bimbingannya yaaa,, :D :D

    1. Haloo... ini kubeli di airport Hongkong :)
      welcome to blogging world!....kita sama2 belajar yaaa.. aku pun jg masih belajar2...


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