Mui's Nail : CNY Look with Gold and Red Roses

8:13:00 PM

Aloha bambaaa...!!!
Well I'm back again now with my nail look during Chinese New Year. Oh, Gong Xi Fa Cai by the way for those who celebrate it. Wish you lots of happiness, luck and prosperity throughout the year of snake!
Chinese New Year celebration is always splendored with Red and Gold ornaments, red temple, red ang bao, red clothes, everything are red.
I spent my CNY at home, just with my Baby E, my Mum and my brother. Hubby and his family went back to their hometown, too bad, I could not come with them, coz baby E was too little to go with airplane (biasalah ketakutan ortu baru hehehe ).
I actually have already prepared a red dress for my self, but since I did not go anywhere, so I merely chose an orange jumpsuit hahaha... but It's also a new jumpsuit, so I can still wear it during CNY right?
No, I don't want to share with you my jumpsuit pic (kapan - kapan aja ya), but I would like to share with you my CNY nail look.
I actually want to create something related with the snake, perhaps snake skin nail art, but unfortunately I don't have any lace that I can use to help me create the skin look like.
So, I ended up with something cute (in my opinion), Golden nail with the touch of Red rose.
For the nail polish I wore gold glitter nail polish from THE FACESHOP #GL 112 and Red nailpolish from KONAD, and also used KONAD stamp to create the rose.
So this is my nails look like, hope you like it :) 

Tell me what you think about it... :)

Until my next post.
See ya!


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