Product Review : The Vert Green Tea Eau de Toilette from L'Occitane

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Hi lovelies... !!
I'm gonna share with you about one of my favorite Eau de Toilette, which is named THE VERT from L'OCCITANE. The review will be based on my personal experience on using it. So it's 100% honest ya...

 I've used this product almost a year and I really like its stunning and really fresh scent.

Read this statement that is stated on the back of the box... hmmm can you imagine it?

I'm actually not pretty good to recognize fragrance, but I can tell you that it offers natural refreshment with the smell of citrus at first and then followed by green tea with some woody scent and soft floral scent, which I love so much and it is perfect for accompany me all day long at office to deal with my piles of work. 

Info that I got from the web : 
Top notes : Bitter Orange, Orange
Heart notes : Green tea extract
Base notes :  Musk, Cedar, Thyme

Ingredients :

The fragrance also lasts long which is also a plus for me, I can still smell it after I get back from work though I spray it firstly on 7 o'clock in the morning.

Price : around IDR 660,000 for 100 ml (I forget how much it costs for 50 ml).
So this is my review based on my experience using it.

Thanks for reading peeps :)


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  1. AAAAA~ Green teaaaaa~ >.< Mau ah mampir sana buat icipin wangi green teanya~ Cece pernah coba elizabeth arden yang green tea?

    1. Aaaa iyaaaaa..... Hehe pernah coba cium2 baunya wktu di erpot...enak jg ituuuuuw... Tp sepertinya agak lebih soft dari ini klo ga salah inget...

  2. iih, aku lagi naksir edt L'occitane, kemaren ciyum2 yang greentea jasmine gitu ya *lupa*? liat reviewnya mui jadi makin yakin pgn beliii :))

  3. nice Review..thanks for following back ! keep in touch

  4. Arrrgh~ so expensive :)) wah padahal eau de toilette tapi tahan ya.. i love green tea fragrances too!

    Nice review ^_^ blogwalking!

    1. Lumayan tahan lho aku di ruang berAC terus....


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