Product Review : SUNSILK Co-Creations - Frizz and Weather Defense - Shield & Frizz Control Light Cream

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Hi fabulous readers... !
Today's post is about SUNSILK CO-CREATION product from Frizz and Weather Defense product line, it's Shield and Frizz Control Light Cream by Teddy Charles.
Got this product as a freebie when was going for shopping on a retail store. I did not know that Sunsilk has kind of anti frizz product before. 

Let me share with you first that I do have a very dry hair. Actually, I did have a very healthy hair previously, before I dyed it hehe.. But after I colored my hair year ago, it became very dry and split-ends appeared everywhere *sigh*. But now, my hair condition is much better, though it's a lil bit dry and can still find some split -ends appeared,... And I also still can get woolly hair easily. I must confess that I rarely comb my hair when was pregnant hahaha... I used to tie or pin my hair in order to be looked neat :D. And I still do this bad behaviour until now.. *LOL*. That's why I get woolly frizzy hair sometime :D. 

Ok, since I got this product that perhaps can help with my woolly frizzy hair, so I would love to give it a try for several time. I see that it has good formula that will help to control frizz and protects from dryness,  also has weather shield formula, and the best part is UV filter which can help to protect your hair from the damages caused by UV rays. Sounds interested? well yeah...control your hair and protect your hair.

It comes in a light cream and it smells good. Perhaps the smell is too strong for other people, but it's not a big deal for me.
How to use it is pretty easy. Just squeeze appropriate amount and rub it first on your hand, and then apply it on your towel-dry hair from middle until the end , and then you can comb your hair easily :D
You can also re-apply it on your dry hair if you like.
Does it work? For me, yes. I tried to use it on towel-dry hair, and my hair was smoother than before and not frizz anymore, I also tried to leave my hair for 2 days without rinse it with the cream on my hair (hrrrr... I usually rinse my hair everyday - Can not go to bed without rinse it first). And the result, yay, my hair was still smooth til the 2nd day and of course I still can easily comb my hair.

So this is my experience, have you tried it too? Let me know your review.


Disclaimer : I got this product as a freebie, and this review is based on my experience using it. It might work well for me but might not work well with you and vice versa.

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  1. wow kayaknya bagusss ^^ thanks for sharing cie

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