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Hello everyone... I want to say Merry Christmas first for those who celebrate it, and also Happy New Year 2013. It's better late than never, right? hehehe...Please excuse my late post, it's a lil bit hard for me now to have "me time" including blogging, since now I have to take care of my gorgeous baby. When I do have that "me time", I would prefer to spend it to go to spa,  time for pampering myself, or to sleep. You know, if you deal with newborn baby, you have to be ready to deal with lack of sleeping.
But despite of this lack of sleeping thing, you will feel something wonderful that I even can't say it with words properly. when you can see your baby's sleeping peacefully on your lap or in your embrace. I still can not believe that this lil baby was in my tummy before... Well... I'm now enjoying motherhood.

OK then, so how's your Christmas, your NYE and your holiday everyone? must be filled with full of joy right?Well, this is the first Christmas for baby E, yay! We just spent the day going to church and gathered with family at home. No heavy make up for me during the day.
I just used bb cream, concealer to cover up my acne scars, powder, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, blush on, lipbalm, and soft pink lipstick. I just want to be looked simple on Christmas day.
Well, I won't show you my make up that day, I just want to share with you my simple nails look on Christmas day. I was inspired by the Christmas ball ornaments on my Christmas tree. Usually Christmas is colored mostly with green, red, gold. But I chose gold, silver and combined with purple or should I say fuchsia color on my christmas tree.

So this my simple nails look :

I used nail polish from THE FACESHOP to create this look.
First, I applied THE FACESHOP Nail Color PP405
And then applied THE FACESHOP Nail Color PP407 for the second coat, and tadaaa...
Products picture :

So this is my simple nails look, wish that you like it ;) 

So once again 

Hugs and kisses from me and baby E 
*pardon my tired face and especially my eyebags errr*

FYI, Baby E weighs around 6 kg right now hihihi, see how chubby he is now...and how chubby I am *LOL*

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  1. So girlly ^.^
    and your baby are so cute...


    1. thank you fenny... :) kiss2 from baby E aunty :)

  2. Oh so lovely nail polish, the las picture is absolutely cute.


  3. lovely nails! and you are NOT chubby ok! you still look gorgeous and petite and your baby is adorably cute! ^_~

    1. hahaha I love your comment Janet " NOT CHUBBY!!! " -->> need acknowledgement :D hyahahahha


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