Mom Mui's Story #1 : Hello from Baby E

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Hi my lovely readers, how're you? hope everything is wonderful as always :)

Really sorry that I've been MIA for almost a month, yes, it's all because that I gave birth to a gorgeous boy called Baby E almost a month ago. Phew! can not imagine why the time flies so fast...!
This is the reason why I could not attend some events and invitation.

Baby E was delivered safely to this world through C - section, because I would like to avoid the high risk with my retina if I choose natural birth

How do I feel so far?
hmm i'm feeling so much blessed, big thanks to God. This experience, becoming momma, is so wonderful. Despite the soreness felt after birth, the experience to stay awake during night til dawn, everything goes naturally wonderful.

Do I feel tired?
Yes, but I'm happy. All my tiredness is treated well when I see my Baby E.

Breastmilk or formula?
Well, I decided to breastfeed my Baby E, hopefully I can breastfeed exclusively until he's 6 months old. Thanks to my hubby and my family that really support me so far. It's tough at the first time. But  I've learned to manage and give my Baby E breastmilk. But uhm I have to stay awake almost all the time, to feed him... that's the consequence. 

How much baby E weigh?
Well, his weight was 3.3 kilos with 50 cm long when he was born. 3 days after, his weight was already 3.4 kilos. Will measure it again next week :D I think it's approximately almost 4 kilos :D

Do I experience baby blue?
I don't know for sure, perhaps , but not much. Thanks again for my family that really support me and really helpful so far. They also cheer me up, so I can enjoy taking care of my Baby E.

And now I'm taking my 3 months maternity leave, and all my time is for my Baby E right now.  Though he still can not see clearly , but now he can recognize my voice. Haha, he will suddenly move his head towards my voice and will start to create hungry mimic, when he hears my voice.
He's now also experiencing growth spurt, so he is starving all the time, thus make me hard to leave from his side. Even hard for me to have time to pee hahahaha...

But I'm really happy... really see him all the time.
So this is hello from baby E, kisses and hugs for all of you :)

This was him after birth

Several days after birth

See how chubby he is now :D


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  1. lucu banget si baby E..hhuhuw
    dlu aku juga sesar >,<
    hrs total nih istirahatnya
    gws ya dear ^^

  2. welcome to the world, baby E <3
    cece aku kapan hari juga caesar, malah lama pulihnya, kata dia enak normal
    selamat ya ce mui :*

  3. Hiiiiii baby ^^ you're so cute..
    cepat tumbuh dengan baik dan sehat ya :D your momma love you so much!
    congrats cie muiiiii ^^ hehe

  4. hyaaa he is really cute!!! welcome to the world bb~~ hehe, and congrats to you too <3

  5. congratss mommy.. semoga cepat pulih ya.. dulu aku juga sectio soalnya my baby nyungsang hehe.. kecup baby E yaa

  6. Tq semuaaaa kecupppp dr baby e....

  7. Congrats again! Welcome to the world lil E! You will have so much fun and love. Enjoy to the fullest lil one :)

  8. Lucunyaa aaak gemes pipinya tembem :*:*:* *kiss dari jauh*
    Congrats dearr <3 <3

  9. omg he's so cute >.<
    Congrats ya, ka! Stay blessed :)

  10. congrats cc <3 <3
    imut banget <3 <3

  11. your baby is such a cutie!! congrats ^_~

  12. congrats!!!beautiful baby boy...=)


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