Joining Giveaway - Bell's Etude House : end 30 November 2012

4:54:00 PM

Hi Everyone :)

How's your day? hope it's beautiful as always :)

Well now I would like to post about joining a giveaway held by Yessy Suwandi, she's one of Indonesian Beauty Blogger. Thanks for conducting this giveaway Yessy !

I would love to show you the prize first, as you can see on below picture :

She with her Bell's Etude House will give the winner :
1pc Look at My Eyes 3STEP Dolly Collection in BK801 color and
1pc Drawing Show Creamy Liner in BK801 color.

                                                                        Interesting huh!?
As one part of the terms, I should write down some comments or advice regarding her blog :
As far as I can see, I did not see any peculiar or negative things about this blog. Layout is allrite, the way she write is OK too i think... I can see the products on the picture clearly so far. 
Any advice?Just keep posting, I like your reviews :)

So what are you waiting for, don't you wanna join too?

Just click this LINK to go to her blog and read all the terms and condition to join the giveaway.
It will end on Nov 30, 2012. So I think you still have much time to join :)

Wish me luck gals... Baby E, please pray for mommy again ya :D


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