My Experience : Fixing My Shattered Blush

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Hi everyone...

I'm back again with my experience on fixing my shattered blush. I accidentally dropped my NYX blush several weeks ago, and uhoh, it 's broken. My hubby suddenly looked at me and said " naah... I'm sure you wanna buy the new one". But I said " hmm no problem, I still have other blushes, and I think I can fix it", and he wondered and asked back " Are you sure that it can be repaired?", "Absolutely!" my answer, and directly went googling hehehehe (lagi kumat pelitnya) ... I found the tips from some blogs, some webs, some vlogs, and I must say that the tips have helped me. Perhaps some of you've already known about this, or might already try it by yourself. But since I rarely break my make up stuffs, I never tried it before and I'm gonna record my first trial on my blog :D

This is my NYX blush picture before it's broken, it supposed to have mosaic pattern from light pink to darker one.

And became like this after falling down from table. 

And what I needed to help me repair the blush :
1. A piece of plastic
2. Small piece of clean cloth
3. Alcohol, I only have Alcohol 70% so I used it. It's said that it's safe to use on your blush because it will completely evaporate.
4. A small spoon
5. A small jar to be covered with the cloth

What I did and how to repair:
1. I pressed the blush again with the small spoon until all of them become powder.

2. And then I put around 10-drops of the alcohol onto it and mixing it with the spoon.

3. Pressed the blush again with the small spoon.

4. Covered the jar with the piece of cloth and pressed it to the blush, until the surface became smoother.

5. Cleaned the excess blush, and left it dry overnight.
And voila, this is my blush looks like, though it doesn't have the mosaic colors anymore, I'm pretty happy with this. Now I can use it again :D

See you again in other post ;)

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  1. Thank you for the useful tips! Now I know how to fix a broken blush :D

  2. @adel : you are very welcome :)

  3. omg, thanks for super useful tricks cc mui xD

  4. Aku juga pernah nih benerin eyeshadow pake cara ini.. seru sendiri, berasa hebat bisa bikin jadi rata lagi.. hahaha

  5. @dee : sama2 dee

    @vani : iya bener van... seru sendiri kayak bikin prakarya gituu... begitu rata langsung pamer2in ke suami hahahaha :D hasil karya...

  6. ohh gitu toh caranya hahaha

    visit my blog ^^

  7. Dulu aku pakai cara ini pas pressed eye shadow berantakan... TADAAA!! like new.. XD
    Tapi kadang-kadang kalau kebanyakan alkohol dia jadi ga sekereng yang dulu..

  8. waaah, baru tauu! makasih tipsnya ya mui! pernah sih mecahin eyeshadow tapi ga pernah tau kalo bisa dibenerin :)

  9. That's great! U save your blush. I saw this a lot on pinterest. Hoping i don't have to use this tips. Great tips though!

  10. Woowww, Good Trick and Tips :D

    Ohohoho, kalo dibilang sih bukan pelit, tapi kalo emang masih bisa dipakai kenapa ga di Fix ajah??
    Sayang beli yang baru #derita mahasiswa :|

    Btw Alcoholnya sama kaya yang dirumah :P

  11. bisa buat benerin eyeshadow juga donk ya,, ^^

  12. @luch2 craft : hehe iya.. ini jg my first experience nyobain benerin... belum pernah bener2in beginian sblmnya

    @Sara : ogitu say, baru tau aku... kemarin cuma pake 10 tetes, takut banjir jg jd secukupnya ajah...uda dipake si warnanya masih OK untungnya fiuuuh

    @Rosdiana : tq, hahaa yes Ros, hopefully I either don't need to do this again... that was my first time dropping my blush... hope it will be my last time too heheheh :D

    @merilla : iya mer, coba2 dibenerin hehehe...abis sayang ngebuangnya...

    @Rifka : hahah tq, eh ia deh ya jangan pelit ya, kan harus positif ya... sayang si ngebuangnya sedih liatnya masih banyak gitu...

    @kiky : bisa ki...kalo googling banyak yang coba buat eyeshadow jg...

    @pitshu : tq pitshuuu :)

  13. nice tips, thank you for sharing...)

  14. this is such a useful tip! Few days ago, I accidentally dropped by elf blush and it ended up on the trash bin. I should have tried this T__T but thanks for this! ^_~

  15. @wei : u're welcome :)
    @ janet : waaah too bad, do you buy the new one? hehehehe...


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