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Hi everyone :) ! How's your day? Hope it's beautiful as always :)

Today is the last day that I'm in bedrest mode, I'll be back to do all my activities as usual starting tomorrow. Back to work again...Before all the activities that will deplete all my time til I don't have time to post anything on my blog,  now I'm gonna share to you about latest look which I tried to create week ago using NYX palette that I won from Lovely Luelue's Giveaway months ago. I actually wanted to create halloween look, but uhm, I still don't have any idea how I would do it. I don't know, since I'm    pregnant now, I just think that I have to avoid scary look HAHAHAH *thinking*.

So this is the look that I created : 

I was actually inspired by candy look from Miss Candy L'oreal that comes in pastel shades, and I really love pastel colors! So based on that, I tried to use light blue eyeshadow, combined with pink lippy, wish that this look won't bore you

And following are NYX palette pics that Lulu sent to me (thanks to Lulu :) ). It's a NYX box of eyeshadows with 112 colors available. interesting...



Beside the NYX palette posted above,  these are several of my tools that I used to create the eyes (plus 120 Eyeshadows palette that I bought from Ebay  )  :

From left to right :
i. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in milk (#604) - for eyeshadow base
ii. NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Silver (#107) - it helps me to create the sparkle look 
iii. NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Satin Blue (#910) - as eyeliner for upper line
iv. NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in Baby Blue (#921) - as eyeliner for lower line
v. Candy False Eyelashes
vi. Dolly wink False Eyelashes #13

And below is the light blue shade from 120 Eyeshadows palette that I bought from Ebay :

Then I combined the shade with shimmery blue shade (which a lil bit darker) and shimmery brown shade from NYX palette :

Steps (I will mention all the products by number that already stated above) :
1. Apply #i all over the lid as the eyeshadow base
2. Apply eyeshadow in #1 shade on your upper lid then blend the outer V with #2 shade
3. blend #3a and #3b on the crease
4. Highlight the brow bone with #4
5. add sparkling glitter with #ii on top of #i 
6. Line your upper lashline with #iii
7. Line half of your lower lashline start from inner corner, then continue the rest with #iii until outer corner
8. You can add silver glitter too on top of the eyeliners to pop up your eyes.
9. apply false lashes #v for upper lashes, and #vi for lower lashes. 

This is the final Eyes look :


And for the lips, I used Gorgeous Liquid Lip Color from PAC in Lilac Sugar which has highly pigmented color and decent staying power. 

How did I apply it :
1. put several dot on my lips
2. blend it with finger tip or lip brush
3. blot it with tissue (if not, it will give you a very creamy texture - apply it as you like ya!)
4. add silver glitter with NYX liquid crystal liner - coz this PAC liquid lip color does not have any shimmer effect
5. You can add clear lipgloss if you like :)


a. NYX HD Studio Primer
b. NYX HD Studio Foundation
c. Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder
d. NYX mosaic blush in Rosey which is not mosaic anymore T_T ( see my previous post here)
e. NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer in Beige

So this is my final look - start camwhoring (sorry, muka lagi ga muyus T_T ) :

So hope you enjoy my post, and see you in another post ;)


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  1. Gorgeous! Love the look. Why do u need to be on bed rest mode? Is the baby ok?

  2. Hi @rosdiana, thank youuu *blushing*, I had my first contractions last friday, since it's still 34th weeks, doctor asked me to bed rest and consume anti-contractions pill.. she was afraid that I will experience preterm birth...

  3. cantik! ^^ jadi pingin coba juga <3

    visit my blog ^^

  4. Walau hamil mukanya masih ramping yah. . .
    Cantik kok kak ^^

  5. you are just so gorgeous!! ^_~

  6. you are so beautiful! love the look as well!! :D

  7. @inge : thank you... hehee ayo dicobaaa...

    @anyajang , jess, conietta, janet, felicia : thanks all *kisskiss*

  8. Cantikkk ^^ and lengkap bgt informasinya ^^
    follow u now dear

  9. tutorialnya kurang shadingnya say..hihihi
    cantik banget^^

    folback yah dear..

  10. cantikkk banget!!! tp ada yg kurang d tutorialnya,, sjading hidungnya mana..hihihiii
    sukaaa pokoknyaaa *kiss

  11. @dewie : wakaka iya ni, shading idung, pipi, blush on ga ditulis, bisnya byk yg uda jago ni daripada eke... T_T jd maluu ...hehehe, sparklingnya fokus ke mata sama bibir time dibuat deh hihihi tq ya darliiiing

  12. Waduhh kenapa gue masuk ke dunia cewek gini..upss maaf ya non gak sengaja masuk blog non...owh ya mumpung gue udah terlanjur masuk gue follow deh blognya..nanti jangan lupa mampir ke blogku juga ea..gue tunggu Lho Followback sama komentarnya !! makasih...Sahabat baru...salam kenal..

  13. love the falsies, pretty dramatic yet look so natural on you..

  14. you so pretty..nice review!=)


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