REFRESH CONTACTS to refresh your eyes :)

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Hi again everyone...!

Do you wear contact lenses? well, I do. I have been a contact lenses wearer since around 10 years ago. I mostly wear it to go to office which will take more than 9 hours for my eyes to have direct contact with the lenses.
Ever experience eye irritation? yes of course. I did suffer from really bad eye irritation few years back ago. It was really really uncomfortable. Since then I could not wear just any contact lenses. Until now, only FRESHLOOK and NEWLOOK that suitable for my sensitive eyes.  OK i'm not gonna share about FRESHLOOK and NEWLOOK contact lenses right now. So let's continue..

When I went to see doctor to help with my eyes-irritation, she also reminded me to use eye-drops whenever I feel dryness on my eyes.  I also asked, if  there is any good eye-drops for my sensitive eyes. Then she mentioned this eye-drops REFRESH CONTACTS. This eye-drops then become my close friend until now, it is always available in my bag every time and anywhere I go whenever I'm using contact lenses. So this is how the REFRESH CONTACTS looks like :

It really helps to soothe my eyes whenever my eyes feel tired (especially if you're working in front of computer all day long fiuh) or dry when using any contact lenses. Try to place 1 or 2 drops on each lens before you wear your contact lenses, it's really refreshing...

I like this eye drops. 
Where to find it? I always bought it at any drugstore like Guardian or Century or Watsons for around IDR 40,000.

Another tips for all of you contact lens wearer :
1. Always keep your hands clean, wash your hand first before you touch your contact lenses and put it on your eyes.
2. Always keep your contact lens case clean.
3. It's good if you do not wear any contact lenses when you're sleeping. Give your eyes a rest, so that your eyes can breathe. It's better if you can wear your glasses too few hours each day so oxygen can reach your cornea.
4. Don't forget to use eye-drops to soothe your eyes whenever your eyes feel dry or tired.
5. Don't forget  to change your contact lenses regularly. For me myself, I always change them before the time, for example, if I use 3 months disposable contact lenses, then I will replace them with the new one at the second month. I just feel safe to do it like that. Dirt and protein accumulated on the lenses are not good for your eyes. 
5. If you suffer from allergies or eyes irritation, stop wearing any contact lenses. Let your eyes rest first at least for 2 weeks and find your doctor for medical treatment.

hope the tips help :D...!!


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  1. I do wear contacts too and I've tried this and so far I'm loving it! The only cons is this is not available in our country. I just bought this @ I love it that it hydrates my eyes whenever I experience dryness..^_~

  2. wahh yg ini bagus ya ce? ntar klo rohto lycee abis aku cb yg ini dehh.. thanx for sharing :D

  3. @janet : yes true janet... it really hydrates my eyes too..

    @Monic : tooooosss!!! hehehehe enak ga kamu pake ini?

    @Rini : aku belum pernah coba rohto lycee jadi ga bisa bandingin, yang pernah kucoba rohto tears, ga ngefek kalo mau hydrates mata far aku suka ini rin...enak di mata...moist banget...

  4. thanks for following. Followed you back! xoxo


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