MUST READ : Update on My Make Up Challenge : Win 2 Concert Tickets "BIGBANG ALIVE WORLD TOUR JAKARTA"

10:57:00 AM

Hi Everyone !

How're you doing? hope all of you are doing fine...
Well... as you probably read my previous post about my K-POP MAKE UP CHALLENGE with a chance to win 2 CONCERT TICKETS "BIGBANG ALIVE WORLD TOUR JAKARTA" (click here for detail), the deadline is actually on Sept 30, 2012 , lil bit tight , huh? that's tomorrow...

So how is your progress? hehehe... perhaps right now, someone out there is busy doing her/his K-POP make up or style and busy uploading photos...Fighting guys! 2 FREE TICKETS are waiting for you.. :)

hmmm... I've been receiving many good feedbacks about this contest , thank you guys, really2 appreciate all of them, one good feedback that I also appreciate and think should be re-considered is about the tight deadline. I know 1 week might not be enough for some of you to create the K-POP look (I know you are all busy hehehe), soo...I've discussed it with my hubby too... and the result is I'm gonna EXTEND THE CHALLENGE PERIOD!!! so I hope you guys have enough time to prepare the best look to participate in this challenge.

The challenge will be extended until OCTOBER 5, 2012 and will be closed at 11:59:59 PM, and winner will be announced at OCT 7, 2012 :D , how guys? no extend anymore yaa! it is just 1 week to go to the concert :) Hopefully there will be more people joining the party, and I really appreciate for those who have already sent their KPOP look, amazing... I love all of you...all of you did very good job! really really appreciate that!

So, what are you waiting for, join this contest yaa!!! :) *KISSKISS*


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  1. Ah, senangnya waktunya diperpanjang. Jadi bisa ngerapihin konsep lagi, tapi saingannya jadi nambah lagi deh. Hehe...
    Engga apa2, biar MuiMiu Beauty makin berjaya!
    Thank you mui, and wish me luck!

  2. @Dina : hihihi ayo semangat! tq dina for your support and participation... pastinyaaa GOOD LUCK ya beib! :*

  3. waktu d perpanjang? A_A
    bisa bikin baru *yeah* baru mau post :p

    @Dina : ia nih trus postnya bagus", makeupnya rapih dan bersih @____@ trus byk yg unyu" ._. but still I'll try! *smangat 45*

  4. @yessy : semangat yessyyyyy hihihii... abis ini aku yang pusing hahahaha :D bagus2 semua

  5. OMG, makasihhh banget nget nget . . . .
    aku tadi lagi ngetik buat postingan, tapi hopeless nyaris ga ikut gara-gara waktu yang mepet.

    Doanya terjawab, makasih yah mbak sistahh :D

    GBU :*

  6. @rifka : heheheh gud luck yaaa... ditunggu postingannyah :D

  7. waaah >.<
    thanks ka udah di extended :)
    tadinya udah ga pede mau iku atau engga hehehe

  8. wahh.. baru baca postnya.. kmren udh buru2 upload postnya trnyata giveawaynya diperpanjang >.<
    tp sukur deh, sempet cemas jg krna kmren udh mepet gtu deadlinenya xD

  9. Mui.. Ini Irene yang udah pernah nge post sebelumnya.. I update my post for a more comfortable reading =)

  10. Did I mention the URL? If not, here =)

  11. ka Mui :)
    boleh pake model kan ya??
    nanti aku foto pas aku lagi make up-in modelnya >.<

    aku ga pede kalo make up-in muka sendiri :(

  12. @dee : hehehe iya diperpanjang, biar pada sempet ikutan

    @irene: iya dear.. thank you yaaa :*

    @mel : hihii kenapa ga pede darling...??? sok atuh, nti modelnya dibagi itu tiketnya kalo menang :D

  13. Done!
    Sudah submit..
    Semoga beruntung deh ya ^.^

  14. GFC:aliciajunisa siagian
    FB:Alicia JS

  15. kaaa aku comment lagi yaa sepertinya ada yg kurang tadi :(

    GFC name: Meylisa Agustina
    FB: Meylisa Agustina
    FB BUZZ:

    makasih kaa :)

  16. @Dina, Alicia, Mel : gud luck ya all...

    @Alicia : profil fb nya bisa dibuat public? I can not see your pict... otherway you can post it on my FB page like Sanjyu did...

    @Mel : jangan lupa alamat emailnya ya mel... :)


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