Simple and Easy : Light Smoky Brown Eyes

10:47:00 PM

Hi everyone :)!

I'm back again :)...
But before I write about make up thing, I would like to say Happy Independence Day for my country INDONESIA!!! MERDEKAAAA!!!!

Today's post actually does not have any correlation with independence day hahaha, sorry, I should I know.. but today I'm quite busy laying down on my bed (HUH?). I'm pretty tired you know, after busy short-week at office that made me have short time to finish that piles of work. Maybe if I do have time tomorrow I will try to do any make up with independence day related (late, but it's better than never hihihihi).

So, as you can see on the title above, I tried to do a simple and easy light smokey brown last Sunday with my new kohl eyeliner from L'OREAL called Infaillible Indefectible Stylo Retractable Eyeliner (long huh?) which also has the smudging tip. I like this eyeliner, it can be smudged easily. But will do detail review about it later.

This is the final look (sorry for the messy hair) :

For the eyeshadow, I used from ORIFLAME VERY ME EYE ENVY Cocoa Glaze, and if you notice, I also did a make up transformation before using this eyeshadow (click here).

How to do :
After blending the light brown and the dark brown color on your eyelid (do as you like), apply the kohl eyeliner and then smudge it! This is my kohl :

 After that, I blend it with a little black eyeshadow to smooth the line. Don't forget to apply the kohl eyeliner on your lower waterline also and lower eyeline, and smudge it again :).

This is the how it looks :

Please don't puke, I'm gonna camwhoring :D 


Thanks for not vomiting hahaha *_*


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  1. Very easy smokey eyes indeed!
    I'll do this sometime.
    Thank you for the very useful tip :)

  2. looks really good!!

  3. When I first saw this on my dashboard I was like omg her makeup is soo pretty! So when I got to this page I was hoping for there to be a tutorial and I'm glad there is! :)I'll be trying this out!

  4. super cute look. So the loreal liner doesn't crease on you after a couple hours of wear? I desperately need a crease-less liner. :)

  5. Wow, great tutorial! You are so beautiful =D I love those lashes by the way! Anyways, I'm your newest follower via google =D I'd love it if you could check out my blog sometime as well.


  6. @mimikon : thank you...yes just try it!
    @jess thanks dear :)
    @suwan : thank should try it honey...
    @popcorn : thank when I used eye base primer...but when I tried to use this the other day without any eye primer, it did crease
    @kimberly : thanks dear..I've visited ur blog n am following u now too...tx for following my blog...xoxo

  7. waaa.. baguuss.. Simple and pretty.. ^^

    betwe, request review soal si very me-nya doonngg.. hihiii...

  8. Hai vani...tenkyu..boleh..nanti aku coba buat reviewnya ya...xoxo

  9. gorgeous look!! I love it!! its so pretty and thanks so much for the tips ^_~

  10. @elisa thank u sweety..
    @janet thanks and u r welcome dear...hope it helps :)

  11. Looks very good.*_*
    Would you like to follow each other???
    My Blog

  12. i would like to try this tutorial, i have looking for many tutorial how to make simple smokey eyes, but they didn't help at all, i hope this work for me.. look simple and easy to apply for beginner..

    thank you :)

  13. hai! salam kenal :)
    waaah aku suka nih smokey eyes yang ga lebay kyk gini :)
    mampir blogku ya, kalo suka boleh follow:

  14. @Suan Lolo Bua : Hi Susan, hope it works for you :), this is very easy and you don't need to take a long time to do it :)... Selamat mencoba!

    @Anita : halo salam kenal jg say...iya.. aku butuh yang ga lebay buat ngantor :) kalo lebay2 nti dipelototin anak2 kantor deh hehehe....
    aku mampir n follow blog mu ya... nice to know you...


  15. aw... love the light smokey look, ntr coba ah kapan2.. hehe, thanks for the tutorial <3

    btw, i'm giving you a blog award.. check it out

  16. @Lalaluna : Geee thanks for the award :), u are welcome... :)


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