Product Review : ORIFLAME VERY ME EYE ENVY in Cocoa Glaze

7:03:00 PM

Hi again everyone! 

I'm posting this review as requested by one of my readers to give review about ORIFLAME VERY ME EYE ENVY EYESHADOW. ORIFLAME VERY ME EYE ENVY EYESHADOW is available in 7 different type of duo colors as you can see below :
image courtesy of Oriflame
Sort by picture order : 
1. Blue Edge
2. Lady Lilac
3. Iced Purple
4. Cocoa Glaze
5. Downtown Grey
6. Green Fushion
7. Pretty Green

I don't have all the colors available, only the Cocoa Glaze.

I like its color actually though it is not pigmented enough. But I usually use any foundation or bb cream or eyebase first and apply it several time to get more intense color. But for me it's enough to give natural satin look for my everyday look especially when I go to office, because I don't want to use heavy make up to office. 
Below are the color comparison without any eyebase, with Aubeau Eyebase, and the last with NYX eyebase.

First picture uses direct light from the lamp and the second one uses window-lighting. Eyebase did help to pop up the color.

Sometimes, I combine this eyeshadow with other eyeshadow to get any color blending that I like.
If you read my previous post, I used this eyeshadow to create a simple and light smokey brown eyes (click here).

How about its staying power? Well,  I always use base before applying this eyeshadow, it can stand from morning until I get home from office :) not bad! I also used the simple smokey brown that I ever created before to go midnite shopping :), from 5 pm until 1:30 am and it was still OK when I got home.

How about its price ? in my opinion, it's still affordable. The price is around IDR 49,900, but since I am also Oriflame member, I can get cheaper price :D.
Am I going to buy this eyeshadow again? hmm I don't think so. I would like to try other products :)

This is my final look using it : 

This is my review, hope you guys like it.
I bought this product with my own money, and this review is based on my experience using it. It might work well for me but might not work well with you and vice versa.


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  1. Warnanya bagus, apalagi kalau udah pake base.. Nice review! ^^

  2. iya bener priscil, oke kok warnanya ya... :) hehehe tq

  3. I'm loving the front design looks unique and interesting~ The shade is really pretty too! I actually prefer a much sheer coverage compared to a very pigmented one as they look more natural ^_~ Great review by the way =)

  4. yes Janet sheer coverage gives you more natural look :)... I like it too :)

  5. Aaaaa... thanks for the review ya.. XD
    Di kamu jadinya cakep banget tapi emang harus pake base dulu yaa.. hihi.. Very nice review!! :D

  6. nice review!
    aku jg pernah review envy me yg ini lho ^^ hehe

  7. @vani : sama2 vani :) hope you like it! iya better pake base dulu kalau mau warnanya keluar, tapi tergantung kamu lebih suka yang tipis2 atau yang lebih tebal warnanya :)

    @Xiao Vee: thanks dear... iya baca juga di blogmu reviewnyah heheheh :)

  8. Halo kak Mukti, your final look is amazing ^^
    Iseng-iseng blogwalking nyangkut di blogmu jadinya >.<
    Aku baru aja review eye envy eye shadow yg ini juga, please visit if you don't mind.
    Review Very Me Eye Envy Eye Shadow in Cocoa Glaze


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