Natural Look with Freshlook Pure Hazel & Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

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Am really happy that I can write and post something again :D. 
Today I would like to share with you my natural look with FRESHLOOK contact lenses. I prefer to have light make up or tend to be more natural make up when go to work or just simply to go to mall with my hubby. And these FRESHLOOK really support me well :) (biar ga lebay dandanannya :D )

FRESHLOOK has been my favourite after my eyes suffered from really bad irritation, and doctor did not allow me to use any contact lenses almost a month that time. I do have very sensitive eyes since then (not only my skin that is very sensitive), that makes me need softer and more moist contact lenses (I should be really really picky with contact lenses right now). But thanks to FRESHLOOK,  lenses are good, and very moist with 55% water ingredient that is very comfortable to wear.  Freshlook have various range of color, but my favs are green, gray and pure hazel. I do swatch for pure hazel here. Love the color very much coz it’s very natural. The gray one also looks natural on my eyes.  I'd ever used the gray one when was meeting my client (who is Australian) and she really thought that I do have gray eyes :D, she said its color is very natural and really pretty.  

Where can you find Freshlook? Well, I usually buy Freshlook in Melawai Optic here  in Jakarta with price around IDR 199.000 (if im not wrong ) for each pair. 

Below are the pics of Freshlook Pure Hazel and me wearing it, do they look very natural?

The second thing that help me to have a very cute natural look (heheheh) is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Luminous Pink.  I like its color with the pearl pink, it's very cute I think. Staying power is actually so so, the price is pretty cheap, bought this one when it was on sale, and I got it for only IDR 25,000 if not mistaken.

So this is my look, I usually wear this kind of make up to go to work. Simple, and not too heavy. So I can be looked younger right ? #eh...

( why does my nose look big here??? errrh )

Hope you like it :)


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