Maybelline Babylips Antioxidant Berry Review

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Hi again lovely readers :)

I would like to post a review about Maybelline Babylips that most of the gals are raving about. I decided to buy this thing a month ago to replace my previous lipbalm ORIFLAME Tender Care Lipbalm. Maybelline Babylips lipbalm is available in 3 delicious flavour here in Indonesia : Anti-oxidant Berry, Energizing Orange and Smoothing Cherry. This lipbalm is easy to find, since it is available in any big retail stores in Indonesia with price that is considered as affordable, which is IDR 18,500.

*image courtesy of Maybelline Indonesia
My choice fell into antioxidant berry. I love the smell, it smells really delicious hehehe. It doesn't give a tinted color, but it's enough for me, coz I only need this to help me to moisturize my chapped lips, besides, I still can combine this thing with my lipstick and I love the SPF20 thing, that will help to cover and protect my lips from the bad UV. Price is considered as affordable, since it is only IDR 18,500 in the retail stores here.

It's said that it can help to improve dry lips for smooth, supple, and soft lips, and give instantly 8H moisture. To me, it doesn't give me any instant 8H moisture effect. Seems like I have to reapply ... reapply ... and reapply perhaps in every 2 hours (working and staying in air-conditioned room for almost 24 hours). My first attempt in the first day to help moisture my lips was failed. ORIFLAME Tender Care Lipbalm still give better result than this. But since I do not have other lipbalm in stick (I do have The Bodyshop born lippy in jar actually, but too lazy to use it hehe ), so I tried to use this Maybelline lipbalm up until now, which is already almost a month. Now I realize that I do not have chapped lips anymore, my lips condition is better now, the smoothness and suppleness has been increased. So I think you have to be more patient using this lipbalm. Well it might not be give you any instant result, but from my experience, if you use it continuously, it will help you to enhance your lips condition better :).

So this is my review, and based on my experience, it might work well for me, but not work with you and vice versa :)

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I wanna buy baby lips as well but still confuse between baby lips or nivea lip balm.

    have you ever tried nivea lip balm?

  2. wah kayanya bagus tuh ;D
    im following your blog.. keep in touch! ^^

  3. di krain aku berwarna lho,efek ngelembapin doang ya berarti

  4. @princess monica, yes I did. Nivea lipbalm works for me better and faster :)

    @miss rhea : thank you and thanks for following :)

    @LeeViaHan : iya say.. ga berwarna :D kukira jg berwarna tadinya...

  5. This babylips has been all over~ I'm so going to get one soon! Thanks so much for this review ^_~


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