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9:37:00 PM

Hi again everyone!

Wow, today is the last day of my holiday *sighing*, just have a full week holiday for Ied celebration here in Indonesia. Thanks to my office that was really generous giving us a loooong holiday since Aug 17.
I know most of people here in Jakarta went for a long holiday, some went back to their villages/cities, some might went abroad having vacation alone or with friends or with their family, or perhaps in business trip?? *LOL* (envy my bro that spend this holiday working and having vacation in New Zealand, other family spent their holiday in Europe, fiuh...envyyyyy, could not go anywhere because of my pregnancy... but it's OK, I'm happy though!), some people staying at home or enjoying Jakarta that suddenly became an empty city (that's me), or went shopping to the mall (that's me again!). This holiday for me was pretty fun, I went to mall to mall hehe to buy some clothes and stuffs for my Baby "E"! Couldn't stand to spend my money for those cute stuffs arrrrrrgh!! OK will share later what I got for my Baby "E" ^_^...

OK.. let's continue, well, as you can see from my post title, I'm gonna share you my makeup that I used during this holiday to go shopping ;D.  I've been interested to try Ulzzang look, but apparently I just had time to try it during this holiday, and was inspired by Jiyeon from T-ara. Perhaps some of you already know about T-ara (based on the word "tiara"), which is South Korean girl group composed by Jiyeon, Eunjung, Jiae, Jiwon and Hyomin. If you don't know about them, try to ask Mr. Google, OK?
I love how JiYeon create the wing on her eyes, but since I already have big eyes, I should try to create the wings that are more proportional ( I hope) to my eyes.

Before I share my pictures, following are JiYeon's pics :

To create the look (focusing on the eyes), I used my kohl eyeliner again "L'oreal Infaillible Indefectible Stylo Retractable Eyeliner", and for the eyeshadow I used Maybelline Hyper Diamond palette in BR-1.

And this is my look (before using any falsies) :

and then tried to use falsies :)

and following are my final look!

That's all... Hope you like it! ^_^


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  1. Soooooooo beautifulll OMG !!!!!!!!! *faint*
    Cantik banget :)

  2. That's the girl from dream high 2 right? Your makeup look is very pretty and you look pretty...better than her :)
    RoRos World

  3. @noniq hahaha aku ngakak baca komenmu...jgn pingsan atuuuh... power of make up niy!! :D tq

    @Yoannita: thank you pretty!!

    @Rochelle : hi! nice to know you Rochelle :), yes you are right, she's from dream high 2, wow you are Korean drama lover? hahaha thanks for your compliment and thanks for following me pretty!

    @Alexandra : hi there.. thank you dear :*

  4. cool @@
    it's really look alike ><
    good tutorial sis! <3

  5. @cikey kim : thank you sweety! :*

  6. cantiknya matanya terlihat tajam woww >.<

    btw follow back yah kalo berkenan

  7. @LeeViaHan : Thank you dear :) sure.. already following you now :) *kisskiss*

  8. Cantiikk!! coba aku lagi hamil bisa cantik gini *envy* @_@

  9. Bagusss jadinya! Aku kalo pake elener model begini mataku jadi turun banget kaya kurang darah wkwkwk mungkin karna mataku dasarnya tipe droopy eyes kali yah..

  10. Your brother is in New Zealand? I hope he has a great time! That's where I'm from ^_^

  11. hey :D
    i give you an award..
    check this

  12. you totally recreate her looK!! loving how you did the eyelining! so gorgeous! I envy your eyes! (^_~)~

  13. @kami : seriously? yes he is.. just for 2 weeks.. I think he does have a great time :D *envy again*

    @cikey : thank you sweety for the award, that's so sweet....

    @Janet : thank you darling ;D

  14. @merilla : mer... kalo ga dandan aku pun kucem T_T hihii...

    @dilla : mungkin bisa diakalin wingnya naik keatas...sejajarin sama ujung alismu.. ?

  15. gyaaa mirip! *Q*
    super banget, hahahaha
    follow your blog kakak, mind to follow me back?


  16. beautiful! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!

  17. @gita: thank you say.. aku uda folback ya :)

    @carryn & Monica: wkwkwk tenkyuuu

    @Loveisbeauty : thanks! sure I will follow you back :)

  18. Hi, there
    I like ur eye make up, so pretty :)
    I like the complexion of ur face too, looks so smooth, I wanna know how do u apply the foundation.
    By the way, I'm ur new follower. Hope u like to follow each other^^ U can find me at :

  19. nice look! love it <3

  20. @Penulis Amatir : thanks for your compliment :), actually mukaku jg ga mulus banget, large pores, and acne scars are everywhere T_T. Tapi usually kalau lagi pengen tampil muyus2 kinyis2 gitu, waktu bikin look ini I used skinfood aloe BB cream first as the base, trus dilanjut pake Revlon colorstay foundie,trus dilanjut Dior compact powder, atau kadang pake NYX face primer, trus dilanjut NYX HD foundie, dilanjut Dior atau Loreal mineral foundie. biasanya buat poto jadi muyus bener gituw haha :D

    @Jessie : thank you dear! :)

  21. hai dear! i also give you a versatile blogger award through my blog :)

    hope you check it out and have a good day! :D

  22. aah~ so pretty !!!!!
    your make up is so flawless

  23. woow! soo perfect! I must try this.. Goodluck to me. haha.

    Btw, i wish we could follow each other. waiting for your reply doll.


  24. love your eyeliner!

    followed you xx

  25. you're so pretty and I love how it looks good on you! :)

    Keep rocking!

  26. @felicia : thanks so much awardnya dear :*
    @bebe : hahaa tq... *sedih memandangi wajah ni skrg lagi jerawatan banyak*
    @missleelo :hi there.. thanks for following me I fol u back dear...good luck for the trial !!
    @olivia: thanks dear...

    @ehmjay: thank youuu....


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