Changing My Blog LOGO :)

8:29:00 PM


Finally I decided to change my blog logo from MUI Stylelicious to Muimiu Style (as you can see below and the blog header right now )
I've used the name Muimiu for around 12 years hehe which is actually my nickname since I was still really really young. My school mates (til now ) they like to call me by Mui or Miu, so I love to combine those two name into MuiMiu :p.
I've been using this logo itself for my Fashion online store for almost 2 years. So I think it will be great that I could use it for my blog also :).

Why the cat? hmm I don't like cat actually, but when I hear my friends calling me "Mui" or "Miu" I just simply  remember word "Miaw" hehehe, besides, I thought that cute cat character will add a lil bit sense of "cuteness" in my logo.
Hope you like it :)


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  1. i loveee that cat! :D
    mind to follow each others, dear? ^^ let me know


  2. thanks :) !
    already following you dear XOXO


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