Stylish Maternity #1

12:25:00 AM

Hi everyone :)
If you notice from my previous post before that I'm pregnant right now *happy*, so I decided to make a post about my maternity style. Pardon me... I just have my time doing it (guess what it's already 12.30 am, not good for preggo mom huh?), besides, my pregnancy is now in a good condition, I gain more power now... not feeling dizzy anymore right now, and my make up passion is back :D (that's the good news).
Like what I've told you before also in my previous post, I'm so challenged to have a stylish maternity. I just don't wanna be looked like an ordinary pregnant woman (agak centil deh ni biar ga keliatan kumel apalagi kalo ngantor ). I also submitted this style in stylish maternity competition which is held by (please like me on the web if you like my style yaaah :) *kisskiss*)
OK so let's see my first style :)

For the make up :
Face & Cheeks : 
Aloe Sun BB cream from The Skinfood for the base.
Revlon photoready concealer in light medium was used to cover my blemish and acne scars (biar alus dikit gituh mukanya :D)

The Skinfood Buckwheat loose powder (I love this powder :) )
NYX mosaic blush in rose which is my fav also :)

Lips :
I always use my Oriflame Tender Care Lip Balm before using any lipstick
Maybelline moisture extreme in Natural Nude
Maybelline Fruity Jelly in Creamy Guava

Eyebrow : Viva Eyebrow pencil (local product yang tob abis ternyata *honestly, sayah baru sempat nyobain*)

Eyes :
NYX eyeshadow base in white #1 (applied before eyeshadow)

NYX Studio liquid liner in extreme black for the upper line
NYX Eye/Eyebrow pencil in satin blue for the lower line

120 eyeshadow palette in #3 that I got from Ebay :D (well this palette has various range of beautiful pigmented color that you can play and mix and match) I tried to use shimmer light blue, combined with dark blue and shimmer dark purple for the upper eyelids, and used gold for my lower eyelids.

Revlon 3D Mascara
Chinese brand falsies (can't read)

So this is how my eyes looked for the photoshoot :D

And this is my outfit :) (maap yaa emak2 ganjen  ni ;D)

If you like it, please like it yaa on hereherehere.
See ya until my next post :)

Xie xie ni men :)


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  1. cantik! emg viva eyebrow pencil TOP banget! love the makeup too :D

  2. Say..
    Katanya kalo lagi hamil ga boleh dandan , bahaya..
    Itu benar ga?

  3. Love your makeup look! really refreshing and blooming!! beautiful ^_~

  4. @yoannita n janet...thank yooouuu :*
    @catherine : so far yg aku baca di buku n website no prob say... Kaya make up gitu juga ingredientsnya ga lgsg msk ke bloodstream...but you have to avoid some skincare that contain BHA, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, turunannya retinol, differin, tretinoin, tazorac. Those ingredients may harm and affect the baby. Sunscreen is a must for pregnant mom, karena wkt hamil kulit jd sgt sensitif, chloasma or pregnancy mask bs muncul sewaktu2, supaya ga melebar bs pake sunscreen... Hope it helps ya :)

  5. wah cantik.
    mukanya jadi mulus, beda bgd sama foto yg jerawatan khas hamil.

  6. @princess monica : hahaha :D iya berkat make up ya :D

  7. Adorable blog!!!! :) I just love your makeup here!


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