Beautiful Gift from God

10:33:00 PM

Oh God.. Almost 2 months I did not write anything. Sorry, I have been pretty busy so far. God is really really kind to me, He gave me a very beautiful present on my birthday this year! yes... pregnancy!

(picture above was taken last month... my belly is bigger right now :D )

My pregnancy is around 4.5 months right now. and this little life inside me is starting to look for my attention intensely, and everyone attention :D. This is my first experience with pregnancy, so I should really really take full attention coz I really want the best for my baby. Thanks for all the people surround me that really really support me so far :).

And now... what I've achieved and experienced so far?

1. Well, thanks to God, I could say that my pregnancy so far is doing great! Nausea, vomiting, dizziness? of course I also experienced all those things! but thanks to God again, they came in the end of first trimester, and still having it until 4th month but it's pretty rare. I also encountered spotting and faint for several times. But Thanks to God again, doctor said there's nothing serious happened, so she only asked me to take enough rest.
2. I gain 2 more kilos HAHA... Hopefully that I would not be overweight in the end of my pregnancy time...if yes, hopefully it will not be hard for me to lose some weight again later.
3. No pregnancy mask so far (blotchy area of darkened skin). Hopefully they will not appear til the end :D. But I must confess that I do have what people call " linea nigra" or vertical black line on my tummy.
4. Pregnancy acne. hehhhh.. what can I say about this. Well, those thing have been appeared since the end of first trimester, until now T_T and it's really baaad. HIIIIKSSSS my face is really awful right now :(

My obgin said that it's OK to see dermatologist, but I prefer to treat them safely. I've already avoided all those over the counter meds that contain benzoyl peroxide, salycilic acid, retinA, retinoid, accutane, that might will harm my baby. Lucky me, I've also already avoided isotretinoin from long long longggg time ago (more than 5 years! several of my dermatologists always told me to avoid isotret if I want to have healthy baby). I also change my facial wash to baby soap, and try to treat all those acnes with Diaper rash cream (will review about it later) and aloe vera.
5. My skin is getting drier. Maybe it's also because of the unbalance hormonal? Well, so far Jergens and Johnson baby lotion help me.
6. Experience itchy skin! yes on my tummy. But again, Diaper rash cream help me with those itchiness fiuh...
7. I've already known my baby's gender hehe...and we already prepare the name :D  Can't hardly wait to shop for my baby :D
8. I lose my make up passion T_T... almost no make up everyday, only concealer to help me cover acne scars, and eyeliner ... ehmmm and lipgloss :D...
9. errr I can't wear almost of my pants anymore, even my new jeans oooh... Only legging that fit me well T_T. But now I'm challenged to try new outfit style :D maternity style hahaha...
10. I can feel my baby kicks! which are getting stronger and stronger cuutee.. love you baby. Keep healthy ya :)

I really thankful to God for this wonderful gift. And I really hope that my pregnancy will run well until the baby is born, and really hope my baby will be born healthy (please pray for us ya ! :) :*)

Till next :)

*kiss kiss from me n my baby*

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  1. Congratulations for pregnancy! and best of luck until the end! :)

  2. yayy congratulation for the pregnancy.
    I'm so happy hearing this :) ♥
    I wish you and the baby are always healthy and God saves you both. amin.

  3. Wow Congratulations sweetie! That is awsome new! God Bless you toyou and your baby~~

  4. congrats honey :) for ur pregnancy :)semoga semua baik2 saja ya sampai kelahirannya ^^

  5. thank you for all the wishes :*

  6. Congrats on the baby~~ tc always ^_~

  7. tebakan gw, baby nya perempuaaaan :)

  8. @mamakmuda : huhahahahah mak... kok bs nebak cewek mak?


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