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I'm quite busy lately, with the new job at the new place, new responsible with new division, new life inside my body :) that successfully make me lil bit exhausted and make me wanna lay on my bed every time I could. Sorry that I forgot to blog for a moment, I just really need time to adjust all these wonderful new things happened in my life.

Well,I've been working quite hard from last quarter last year, and think that I deserve something that can make me relax, forget all the things that keep bothering my mind everyday! (aka my daily task at work). Well, lucky me, I successfully arranged a quick getaway with my hubby last Christmas to a place that is actually still in Jakarta, but you need boat to get there :D. Can you guess? Pulau Seribu/ Thousand Island?yup, if that's  your answer. I went to one of the island in the thousand island, called Pulau Macan or Tiger Island. Have you ever heard about this one? This island have been well-known among expatriates in Jakarta especially, and also among young businessman, or executives here especially those who love snorkeling :).
Pulau Macan or Tiger Island is just small island, and there's only one eco-resort available in that island, managed by expatriate also. But I can tell you, this place is such a very good place, if you want to escape from this hectic Jakarta, from your hectic days. A very good place to get closer with nature, get closer with the sea, to enjoy your very own time. 
It took around 3.5 hours to get there from Ancol Marina pier 6. We gathered at Ancol Marina at 7.30 am, and the boat departed at 8 am. Behind me is the boat that we rode
and this is the boat's interior. You can have your karaoke time too hehehe...

Comfy... yup as long as the sea wave is not big. It's actually a bad time for us to go to Tiger Island in December, in the rainy days, the sea wave was not really friendly. All the way to go there was really really bumpy, I even jumped from my seat, oh God...not only one but.. several times.. :D ...If you are easily attacked by sea-sickness, you better go outside and sit at the back of the boat.
OK, this is the entrance to Pulau Macan...

Pulau Macan or Tiger Island is not as big as you think, well , we can walk around this island perhaps for around 15 min. It's an eco-resort,so everything here is eco-friendly surely.... We are told to save all the energy here, save the water, save the electricity hehehe.. and of course no air conditioner :D. But don't worry, if you can not get away from your mobile phone , or your blackberry, the signal here is still very good :). and they also provide free wi-fi too :).

This is the island map :

This is the Clubhouse, located in the entrance of the island, where I could find snack directly hahaha ;D I was very starving you know :D
hubby tried to find something to eat :D
delicious sandwich... :D o yeah they also provided juice (apple juice, orange juice) all the time... You can drink anytime you want :)
 The pool table at the clubhouse :)

Below is the main hut, near the entrance deck, in front of the clubhouse. We gathered with all the guests and the island's crew at night in this main hut, for having dinner, chitchatting, dancing, drinking, or what I did is  also playing uno with some guests HAHAH :D 

the dining table in the main hut :

The bar (still at the main hut)
You can also have your relax time, enjoying the view from main hut's deck like what I did below :D

This eco resort provide several type for the accomodation : 
1.Island tents
   variety of tents can be set up 
2. Red Brick Cabin
   most sturdy structure on the island with 2 rooms, and a small veranda with an ocean theme
image courtesy of Pulau Macan
3. Eco Island Cabin 
   two cozy wooden rooms with veranda facing south
image courtesy of Pulau Macan
4. Tropical Island Bungalow Room
   two very large rooms on stilts, bathroom downstairs, middle of the island, with a bamboo and forest canopy theme
image courtesy of Pulau Macan
5. Driftwood Hut
    open air hut with a private deck leading into the water
6. Sunset Hut
   open air hut facing west with private bathroom
image courtesy of Pulau Macan

We actually wanted the Sunset Hut, but it's already occupied, so we chose Driftwood Hut. This hut is good too, but it does not have private bathroom, so we need to use shared-bathroom, located not quite far from the hut. 

This is our hut "Driftwood Hut"

dare to sleep near the sea?

 the private deck leading into the water :D

The bathroom :

You can see the package detail on the web here . All the packages already include boat transfer from Marina - Tiger Island-Marina, Four time meals, windsurfer boards, row boat, snorkeling equipment, pool table, badminton, paddle balls, etc. Oh don't forget to ask the surcharge fee if you go during high season, and make sure there's additional fee. Coz what happened to me was that they forgot to inform the surcharge fee, though I've already asked for it, which is a lil bit strange, but when the sent me the invoice, the rate increased  and they suddenly informed me about the boat surcharge during high season.

How about the food? Food here is very delicious. They provide all the food during your stay here. From the time you arrived, till the time you have to leave the island.

Activities? Snorkeling snorkeling and snorkeling.. ehehhehe... what do you expect? yayaya... you can also have your relax time, by enjoying the sunset from the hut's deck, or, having afternoon nap on the hammock accompanied by the sea -wave sound, or laying down on the couch reading your favourite book :) , having massage... (hey if you have time, try the massage here, some said it's very very wow.. ), enjoying the view from your hut, your choice...
Well my activities were laying down on the couch reading book, enjoying the view from our hut, snorkeling..and snorkeling

The team took us to the snorkeling spot with the boat, actually, this is my first time snorkeling hahaa...previously was only sea-walking :D, so these are the result :
Snorkeling equipment

This is the boat :

 Sea urchin 

 they also took us to other island after we went snorkeling, first one is Marina or Ancol island (OMG I forget the name), small island with white sandy beach and it's so beautiful... Watch the sunset here :)... beautiful and I can not believe it's still in Jakarta...!!!!

The next day, I went to the Pulau Macan Gundul to snorkel again, it's near, just the opposite of the main island. Actually we can walk or swim to this island when the sea is not high ( try to go in June or July). Coz it's rainy season at that time, the sea is quite high, the wave is also big, so we need to take a boat to get there. Again, this island is really pretty, I love the smooth white sand...

Dare to ride this surf board? ehehhehee I tried, just sitting on top of it, and the boat pulled this thing on my way back to main island... The man behind me was very tricky, he shook the board and as you can guess, I slipped and fell down into water , the boat left me in the middle of the sea T_T, with the life-jacket on my body, and the big wave, made me hard to swim to the island... I drank a lot of water T_T...everybody on the boat laughed, so did my hubby huaaaah.....!!! it's OK, It's fun actually hehehehehe....

Hmm.. I like this place actually.. despite of there's no air conditioner here T_T but they provide fan in your hut, but still, the air was very humid and hot. Plus, I found big spider on our bed  just before we went sleep at night ARRRGGGH... but what can I say, it's pretty close with nature right? hiks... it successfully made me stay awake during night... o yeah, I and all my friend that have been to this place recommend to stay in the hut.. not in the brick cabin or bungalow, why? first it's pretty hot, it's better if you can have open air hut haha...second, the view, you can have your own private deck to enjoy the water and the view for yourself. Third, it's more adventurous hehehe... this is a valuable experience to get closer with nature...especially for this homey girl hehehe....

Wanna go to this place again? yes absolutely, maybe next time with my kiddo??? heheheh...or with entire fam,maybe gonna book all the island, pretty cool huh? hihihihi...


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  1. WOW! Aku ga tau ada tempat kaya gini di jakarta..
    Someday harus kesana.. Harus! LOL

    What a fun holiday.. Envy you sooo muuuchh.. :D

  2. ahhH~ seeing those pictures just made me relax a lil' It sure looks fun! and glad that you enjoyed your getaway! Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pic ^_^~

  3. @janet : hi how r u darl? yess.. lucky me can find that place to enjoy my holiday :D

    @ephong: ayo ayo kesana.. heheeh iya aku juga ga percaya itu di Jakarta :D berasa diluar negeri :D

  4. Hai Mui.. Gonna share this post on my FB and Twitter!! Everybody should know about this beautiful place! x)

    Jujur aja, aku juga baru tau Pulau Macan.. Biasanya kan Tidung and Pramuka. This is too beautiful, Mui..

    Ga sabar pengen cuti juga.. Udah hectic banget.. ++"

  5. hai Oki :)
    betul yang terkenal biasanya Tidung and Pramuka, aku jg baru tau Pulau Macan ini awal tahun lalu...itu jg dikasih tau tmnku yang hobi snorkel...
    ayo kesana..mumpung belum rame :D mumpung masih asri...
    boleh2...share postnya :) banyak yang belum tau jg soalnya :D

  6. tempatnya baguuuuussss...
    jd pingin ke sono.. >.<
    btw just tagged you in my blog..

  7. Wow that place looks beautiful.
    The beach looks so amazing...

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    My Facebook Fan Page

    i´m following you if you want follow me back!

  8. *o* It reminds me a bit of Hawaii haha! xD Looks soooo relaxing~! >o<

    Love from your new follower~ ^o^

  9. awesome pics!!1 makes me wanna go on holz!!!!

    xoxo jenna


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