CdiR Cracking Nail Polish

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HI :)

I am so into nail polish, and the crack one, is my favorite. My friend offered me this nail polish several months ago, and I just had time to try it twice. Let me review it here.
The package consists of 3 polishes : 1 transparent from Bichun, 1 solid white from Bichun and 1 orange-red CdiR crack polish.

How to use it :
1. you have to use the solid white one first as the base color

2. wait till dry and then use the red one. wait till dry, and the nail polish will start to crack.

3. use the transparent one as the coat

For first trial I used all these 3 stuffs, I wore it in the evening , was still at the office, and it was already peeled off when I arrived home.

Second trial, I wore at night before going to bed. I used only the solid white and the red crack, for the coat I used The Faceshop coat. It stayed longer than the first trial, but only until the next afternoon... It's peeled off again T_T.

So I don't really like this nailpolish ! And I think won't repurchase it. Too bad, but I like its color and how it cracks...

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Nice photograph!

  2. Keren yah kuteks crack nyaa :) jadi pengen punya deehhh :)

  3. @christanath : thank you dear :)
    @Octadea : iya bagus... tapi yang ini ga tahan lama... kalau mau bagus yang OPI shattered aja skalian :)

  4. bagus nail polish crack merahnya. aku gak begitu into crack nail polish person sih, to be honest i even never purchased one. tp yg ini crack nya gak begitu berlebihan di kukumu , cantik pula keliatannya. :D

  5. ahhh this one cracks nicely!

    My OPI shatter is a bit messy when it dires up T_T

  6. @yoannita n Pinkbuble yeah actually I love how it cracks too.. but dunno why it doesn't stay long, easily peeled off. T_T

  7. Warnanya lucu ^^
    rapi pula hehehe


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