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Hi gals...
Now I'm gonna write about my experience using ORIFLAME LASH BOOSTER. I've heard about this product from some friends that they said this product is good to boost your eyelashes to be longer.. haha... this is what I want. My lower eyelash was pretty thin and short... Really hate it if I wanted to use mascara, I felt that the eyelash is not good at all, so I rarely use mascara for my lower lashes. Until one day my friends successfully made me buy this product ORIFLAME LASH BOOSTER.
The ingredients :

I usually use this product after cleaning up my face and absolutely my eyes, or I can say before I go to bed , and after I take a bath in the morning, for my upper and lower eyelashes. Better use it on clean eyelashes . (uhhm sorry for disturbing you with dark circle on my eye T_T )

I forget for how long I've been using it, but I'm still using it until now :D probably already 2 months. It is also said that it helps to moist your eyelashes too.
Sorry I did not take picture how long my lower lashes before. But uhm, I recognize lately that my lower lashes are getting longer than before. And it's much much better when I use mascara on it. My friends also recognized it and told me that my eyelashes are prettier :D...
I like what this product has done to my eyelashes :D.. hopefully it will also protect my eyelashes from all mascara that I use :)

(sorry again for my puffy eye T_T took it after I back from work... I'm very tired T_T )

Thanks for reading :)


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  1. this looks promising, thanks for sharing :)

  2. it really works.. but i stop using it when i feel my lashes are just long enough ..
    already followed you.. ^^

  3. I heard that it also improves the growth and quality of your eyebrows if you apply on them .....Is this true?

  4. Nice review, hopefully you would to share how to get picture clearly as you ;)

  5. this looks great, where did you buy this? I live in Indonesia as well and I'm trying to get my hands on this :D


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