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Hello again lovelies :)

Well I want to try to join the Make Up contest held by Stella Lee and Kanebo Indonesia (click the link for the details) for those who live in Jakarta (haha lucky me... ). This is my first time entering a make up contest heehee...
The objective is to create look like this model below, focusing on the make up...

and this is my look :D

Products :
Face :
PAC liquid foundation C03
L'oreal True Match Mineral make up foundation N1
NYX as if concealer in beige
Eyeshadow :
The Body Shop shimmer wave rose
Dior fards a paupieres eyeshadow #822 #009
Eyeliner :
NYX retractable eye liner MPE08 silky cashmere
Mascara :
Diorshow mascara black
Eyebrow :
Revlon brown
Blush on :
NYX mosaic powder LOVE mpb01
NYX lipliner pencil 819 soft brown
PAC gorgeous liquid lip color Lily Rose
Maybelline fruity jelly 04 creamy guava

This natural look is suitable for today's make up too :)
Happy Valentine's day!!!

wish me luck ya :)

thanks for reading ;)


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  1. You look so pretty!! really flawless and glowy!!I hope you win the contest cuz your makeup look is so gorgeous!!! ^_^~

  2. hi janet :) thank youuuuu *smooch* I hope it win win.. win win win \(^_^)/

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. cantik bgt!!!!!!! kamu mirip sama model kanebonya deeehhh ^.^

    semoga menang :)

  5. @pinkbuble... hehehe thank youuu...amiiin doanya hahaahah ... *komat kamit* biar menang hihihi...

    @nisa, heheheh... haduh aku jadi maluuu *blushing* tq yaaaaach :*

  6. Hola! :)
    Baru pertama kali ke sini...terus kaget lihat yang kontes Kanebo ini.

    Hasilnya mirip banget! Haha. Apalagi rambutnya...ah, pokoknya mirip. :D Good luck yaa. :)

    Aku suka blognyaa! :D

  7. Mirip sama modelnya! Jagoo. Ahahaha. :D

    Ngomong-ngomong, salam kenal ya. Baru kali ini mampir ke sini. Aku suka blognya. :)

  8. hai ningrum... hehehe... tenkyu yaa...belum jago nii.. masih blajar jg :D iseng2 nyobain hahaha....tq uda follow aku jg

  9. That iss soo gorgeous, I watched the ads about the contest (though sadly it's available only for Jakarta's)~ but I also couldn't think what would I do if I, by any chance, decide to join it.

    Good luck for you :)


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