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I used to create my own cucumber mask when I was living at my mom’s house. I remember that this cucumber mask gave cooling effect on my face and soothe my skin.

Cucumbers are rich in fiber, water, vitamin C and E , and many other elements like magnesium, manganese, potassium , etc.

Read from many articles, that this cucumbers can give various advantage for your skin :

1. to help skin problems such as rashes, sunburns, acnes, blackheads , spots, puffy and dark circle eye.

2. Having cucumber on an everyday basis can give you radiant, glowing and flawless skin.

3. It helps removing grease and oil from the pores

4. Potassium and vitamin E present is very helpful in reducing wrinkles, spots and fine lines

Interesting huh? Well my skin problems are acnes, blackheads, spots and puffy & dark circle eyes T_T . I just had facial and peeling last Saturday, my face is very red right now T_T, and some acnes come out T_T, so I want to try this cucumber mask again on my face on daily basis. Hopefully it will help me to combat acnes on my face !!

This is my face before I use the mask

So this is the step :

- Prepare the cucumber, grater, cotton pad

- Clean and peel the cucumber

- Grate it with grater

- Put the cotton pad into the cucumber juice until fully wet, and then squeeze it a lil bit

- Insert the wet cotton pads into a plastic bag (you can create as many as you can) and then put it in the freezer . I will use this cotton pad later for my eye :D

- Place the shredded cucumber in the freezer for 5 min, and then put it on your face… hmmmm really cool!!! Hehehe look at my face, scary huh? Fiuuh….

- I leave it for 30 minutes… and after that, clean my face with water…

This is my face after :D what do you think? Yes the red spot of acne scars are still there T_T but my face a lil bit calm down ....

I'm gonna try this mask every day.. hehee... jia yo!!!


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  1. nice and cool DIY mask..would definitely try this at home..thansk for sharing..=)

  2. hee hee.. yes janeet... don't forget to try this.. it really soothes your face :)


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