Bye Dad, You will always live in my heart

10:34:00 PM

Now I know the feeling when you lose someone that you love the most, someone that always be there for you, someone that really care for you, someone that willing to do anything for you...

In early October I lost my lovely Dad.. his condition suddenly dropped 4 months before, and many Doctors could not help much... Already tried our best to save him and bring him to get treatment abroad, but still, God already had plan for him. So I and my fam should let him go... in peace... :(

Sad, yes I still sad until now... I miss him badly... One thing that make me really really sad is that I was not beside him when he passed away. And he already asked me to visit him 1 week before, but I kept busy with my job. He was living out of town at that time.... it takes 1.5 hours by airplane to go there..

I think that he already knew that his time in this world was no longer anymore.

Cry, yes I still cry until now.... I can't hear his voice anymore, can't hug him anymore, can't debate with him anymore.

Funny, it's funny... He always mad with me when I did something bad , but now I miss it... really really miss it... now, only my hubby will get mad on me :(...

Happy for him, yes I am happy too.. .I believe that God gives him the very best peaceful place beside Him. I believe that he is not suffering again now. And God gave me the last chance to kiss his cheek 2 weeks before he went away.

Still feeling awkward, used to call him almost everyday... and sometime I feel that I haven't call him... and want to pick up my phone and give him a call..

His body is not right here anymore, but I know that he is living in my heart right now... all the memories with him will never be gone....I know that he will always be around me :)

Dad, I love you and really miss you... Kisses and hugs for you always...Rest in peace Dad ...

this picture was taken in Jan 23, 2011 on my wedding.. he was so healthy and happy, never knew that he was suffering from advance cancer that took his life 8 months later

Say that you love your Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, and anyone that you love everyday, coz we never know when they will go away....

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  1. feel sorry about this dear.. I know how did you feel, just exactly when last year my father was hospitalized because of sudden heart attack..

    hope everything is gonna be alright, God always know the best for you.. ^^

  2. hey chino ;) thank you very much... yes.. I believe that God will give all d best for us :)
    Thanks for following me by the way :)

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  4. Sorry for your loss. I too lost my father earlier this yr but to heart disease. You're lucky your father was able to see you get married, I wish my dad could've seen that happen for me...

  5. I am so sorry for your loss sweetheart...

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

  6. @fashionableAsians: really sorry to hear that too darling... he will see you dear.. from heaven :)

    @jessa : thanks dear :)

  7. i am so sorry to hear about that. I know how your feeling must be. i through the same thing. But God put him to sleep and set him free from the world. Good for him. i believe he loves you also as much forever and ever!

  8. I'm sure your father is up there happy and free from all the earthy misery
    As long as you keep his memory alive inside you, I'm sure you'll never lost him :)

    Happy New Year, dear!

    The Sweetest Escape 


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