Tribute to my bestfriend wedding, Tuvi & Allan Prewed Pictures : "You Rob My Heart" !

8:28:00 PM

Tuvi and Allan, what can I say about this couple? Tuvi, one of my bestfriend, is adorable person, she is cute, humble and she cares with people around her. Allan, can not talk too much about him, but first time I saw him, I know that he is the right person for Tuvi... he seemed calm, and wise.... Ready to be the head of household, ready to be a good husband, and of course ready to be a good father :).

One day, Tuvi asked me to do a favor for her, to shoot their prewedding pictures. Absolutely yes I said. For me this is a wonderful moment, help them to capture "their love and chemistry".

Following are the pictures that I captured for them...

wishing you guys a very happy life together forever...


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  1. thank youu... yees... indeed... love to see couple for prewedding shoot HEHEHE


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