Weekend Getaway...Singapore!

8:51:00 PM

Hello again cuties :)

I was craving for another holiday last month, getting tired with the things coz had been really busy at my office...So I asked my hubby to have a sudden weekend getaway on June to Singapore...
We just walked around, took some photos and did a lil bit shopping ;D

My OO that Day

I was at the Soekarno Hatta Airport waiting for boarding

We stayed at V Hotel Lavender, located directly above Lavender MRT station. I like this hotel, though the room is not quite big, but I can tell you that it's comfy. Other advantage that makes me like this hotel, is its location. Makes me easy to reach my destination, just go downstairs to get MRT. I'm too lazy to have a long distance walk :D. And beside that, there's eatery called KOPITIAM that open 24 hours nearby. I could easily find food and beverages at 11 pm :D.

Another OOTD pics taken by my hun :
I do always prefer to wear casual outfit during travelling, something that comfortable to wear, plus my flat shoes, and natural make up...

Hey.... I did conquer this roller coaster!!! haha... finally.... Just tried the HUMAN one... did not have more courage to try Cylon.... so d*mn terrifying....! My body trembled and I even could not walk properly after rode this ride... shame on me :(
Most photographer love the blue hour... and so do I. Well, thankfully I did have chance to grab this moment with my camera, the blue hour at Orchard :)

Until my next post! see ya!!


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  1. Welcome to Singapore and I hope you has a great stay!


  2. looks like you had a lot of fun. Singapore is definitely on my bucket list. love your outfits too! especially your brown pants. :)

    im following you now! hope you could visit my blog and follow back! thanks! looking forward to your posts!


  3. @Nat : thank you, I did have :) I love Spore.. hehehe...everything is neat there...and made me like public transportation more (MRT) than TAXI heheh...

    @Carina:yes, I had a lot of fun :) especially when was riding the roller coastr hehehe.... Im following you too now... thanks...

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos. I really like Kopitiam. I'm not a fan of roller coasters either. I'm so scared of them hehe

  5. love lovely blog soo cute will be following you!

    follow me if you like.


  6. @joey : hahaha :D me too... i'm scared too.. but it's so challenging when I could have chance to fight all the scary things heheh....
    @lenara: hi thanks for following me... i will follow you back too :)

  7. hello from SINGAPORE!!!

    well i know there has been alot of tourist from Indonesia all the time coming in to Singapore for shopping and fun... the hotel you stayed in looks so FUN!!! and i hope you had a fun weekend... everyone now is craving for a short getaway... it's as though you just don't get anytime for yourself right... any ways love your blog... would like us to follow each other... what do you think???




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