Fashion : I'm just an ordinary girl...oops... woman...

5:37:00 PM

If someone asks you, what kind of person are you? who are you? Is it easy for you to describe yourself?
well... I'm kinda difficult to describe it... but some of the things I know, I'm just an ordinary grown up girl, who's already became a very cute wifey to a very cute hubby :D...I like to try something new, and sometimes still doing something old... haha... And one more thing... I'm scared of getting old fiuh... So I don't wanna saying that in my every year birthday, I'm getting old... but I prefer to say that I'm getting more mature :D...If someone told me that I'm childish... he/she is totally wrong... I just don't want to be old! but indeed I'm mature inside :D.. I just want to enjoy my life with youth spirit as long as I can... There's nothing wrong with it... isn't it? people have right to express themselves, have right to show who they are...

Talking about fashion, I like it... a lot! I don't know why, only girls and woman know the feeling.. haha...But instead of being someone else, I much much much prefer to be myself...That's why may be you can describe who I am from the way I wear some stuffs *just try coz I said may be*...

tank from Topshop
bow skirt from local store


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  1. you're so pretty! *o*

  2. Hello gorgeous!! You look stunning in your pictures, i really love your outfit and the way you curled your hair!I agree, i would much rather be myself!
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog :)) I'm your new follower and look forward to seeing more posts and pretty pictures from you! xX

  3. your skirt is lovely!
    love it~~ :)

  4. you are so stylish. love it from head to toe!

  5. you loook sooo prettty hun!!! omgg loving the outfit!!


  6. dear all... thanks for your lovely comments... :*


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