Exotic Bali , Day 4-5 at Royal Pita Maha , Ubud

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let's continue with our honeymoon story :)
Day 4, we still stayed at The Royal Pita Maha, Ubud - Bali. If you read my latest post, you would agree this place is like heaven... heehee....

Well, during this 4th day, I only spent the time to explore this resort. Actually, this resort also provides activities that can be experienced by its guests. The day before, we already asked the resort staff to prepare 2 bicycles for thismorning at 7 am... wanna have cycling trip around Ubud according to our plan...
But then we were too lazy to raise our body from the bed, haha and woke up around 8 am...we decided just to have some soothing and relaxing activities... :D

Following are Guest Activities that The Royal Pita Maha provides and Performances schedule that you can enjoy in Ubud :)

They also provide complimentary shuttle service to some places in Ubud.

Too bad, we were to lazy doing it :D

Ok, the day was started with having breakfast with hubby in the villa ;) ...
The menu...chose the American one...

We got Happy Honeymoon cake! very cute, isn't it?

the breakfast
yummy!!!! (err actually I'm not kinda person that have a very big breakfast!)
had swim then, after the breakfast,....!!!
Next, The Deep Tissue Massage.... fiuuuh.. love this!

next : just walked around, took picture, explored the resort....

The Royal Lagoon, wanna swim??

Ayung River

The Royal Lagoon, with view of main building up on the hill on the background

The Holy Spring Pool
Next, we had the Afternoon tea time :) at Ayung Valley Restaurant at the main building.
Got the Full moon and Sun Shine :)

I took the picture from the Ayung Valley Restaurant once again, to remind me that the view here is spectacular!
After all of this, we just went back to our villa, took bath, prepared ourselves for candle light dinner :D....
around 7 pm, the resort staffs came to our villa, they help to setup all the things ;) ....

Romantic isn't it? but you know what, because I and my hubby are really into photography thing, we did not directly start to grab our food, heehee... but we directly took our cameras, photo time!!! until the food went cold! ^_^
Really enjoyed this day :)


Day 5

This was the last day that we spent in Royal Pita Maha spa resort. Started the day with having organic food at the restaurant near Ayung River :) I had muesli for the breakfast ;) yummy... and healthy !

The outfit of that day!
heheheh building behind me is actually is an elevator. It brings you to explore the down side of the valley.

We finally checked out at 12 pm, and before we checked out, they gave us souvenirs (a wooden jewelry box and a shirt) . At our first day, they also gave us 2 Bali Sarong. Cute....
Bye The Royal Pita Maha, see you next time ;)
Next stop : had lunch at Naughty Nuri's Warung , still at Ubud....this place is a popular eatery in Ubud that you should try :)

Got the Spare Rib and Pork Chop here...

We didn't eat there, because the place was very crowded! so we decided to take away and eat at the next hotel :D.
See you at the 6th day :)


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