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Hi there!... hello hello :)

The honeymoon trip yay! hehehe...Confused with your honeymoon? Don't know where to go? I did too... hehehe... but suddenly we decided to go to the God Island - Bali. First, because it's still in Indonesia, Second, the view is spectacular, Third, already familiar with the place, Fourth, we don't want a trip that will exhaust our energy. We both love this island very very much. I usually visit Bali once a year hehehe :D...fall in love with this island. We booked the airplane tickets from AirAsia, then booked the accomodation (hotel and transportation)in Bali through psst I got a very good deal with them hehehehehe :)
We departed from Jakarta on 25 Jan, and had 7 days and 6 nights of fun!! Don't be jealous ya ^_^

Day 1...
The sweet escape began...
Departed from Jakarta at 15:05 and arrived at Denpasar, Bali around 17:50 ( time in Bali is one hour faster than Jakarta).
See this happy newlywed HEHEHEH :D
We directly found taxi to drive us to Oasis Hotel at Tanjung Benoa. I ever stayed at this hotel before, and love this hotel. You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and the watersport at the hotel private beach hmmm....Want to go back there again? yes of course.
We arrived at this hotel around 7 pm... huah... really really excited. Holiday timeeee!!!!
This is the hotel lobby ... you're gonna be greeted with its warm ambience :)

Haha.. that's my hon checked in, while i was busy taking pictures heheheh :D.

While waiting for the room to be ready, we were served with the welcome drinks at the restaurant area.

The room was clean enough for us. Check to the website here for more details picture. After put all of our belongings, we directly went out to fine place for dinner.

We did not want to go far away from our hotel, so we tried to find the place for dinner near our hotel. You can find many restaurants nearby hotel. We found Casabella Restaurant not far from the hotel, and we presumed to try the food.

this spring roll and peanut were given for free for the appetizer.. NYAM... really worth it!

My hubby had the fillet mignon for the main course...
And I chose Fetuccini Casa bella :D
The taste? yummy... not bad! with acceptable price :)

Already full, time to go back to our hotel :)

that's all for Day 1


Day 2

The second day, started with having breakfast at the hotel. I was having fried noodles with bacon and scrambled egg for the breakfast.

Well, from the hotel restaurant, you can see the swimming pool..made me wanna jump to the pool :p
After we had breakfast, the driver from picked us up. We directly went to Klungkung area. Actually we would like to go to Tirta Gangga Park at Karangasem (east part of Bali). My brother recommended this place to take pictures. OK....

On the way to Tirta Gangga Park, the driver brought us to Goa Lawah Temple (Bat Cave Temple) , Klungkung. The name is derived from the thousands bats that live inside the cave, hanging on the ceiling and the wall. It is said that this temple is a holy place to honour the God Maheswara who resides in this section of the island. We didn't go inside. Just look around and take picture... tadaaa....

Next stop : Tirta Gangga (means Holy water of the Ganges) Water Palace. This beautiful park was built at 1948 by the king of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem and damaged 15 years laters by the eruption of Mount Agung. This park is very beautiful. When you first enter the gate, you will feel a different ambience, you will feel ... peace...

We also had lunch near the park, at Good Karma Restaurant. And we had the spicy pork and Beer hahaha not beer actually, it was ice lemon tea in a Bintang Beer glass :D
Ok let's move from this place. On the way to the next stop, my hubby asked where he can find sate lilit tuna - tuna satay (if you don't know what it looks like, just see the picture below).
Then the driver brought us to Pesinggahan village, hmm, new place for me, and found an unassuming eatery called Warung Mertasari. Well, I bet that he could satisfy and fulfil his wish to try the satay. Well, how about me? after having the pork, I thought that my stomach is still adequate for having this satay *big grin*. D*mn! it's so yummy.....!!! and spicy!!!

OK, stop eating! next stop : Uluwatu Temple. Nah, I believe this is one of the famous spot in Bali. Uluwatu Temple is located in southern Bali, western Pecatu Village. This place is remarkable, the temple is perched on a steep cliff with beautiful and stunning view to Indian ocean. To enter this place, you need to properly dressed. Because I was only using my hot pants, I had to use sarong and shas before entering the place. By the way, you have to keep a very close grip on all of your belongings, and stow away your eyeglasses, if you don't want monkeys to grab it :D. This place is inhabited by large number of monkeys *huff*.

After taking pictures, we watched Kecak dance performance , one of the most famous Balinese dance, around 6 pm. The entrance ticket is around 9 USD. This dance was taken from the epic Ramayana, tells the story of Prince Rama rescuing Princess Sinta who hasbeen kidnapped by King Ravana.

After the show, we just went back to the hotel, had snack, and slept hehee....see you on the Day3....


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