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Yuhuuu... hi guys!

If you read my previous posting, you'll know that in this early year, I was married.
Gosh, this marriage things already successfully made me dizzy, and sometimes made me blank, and had no idea what should I have on the day, and sometimes made my temper rise. Has been an emotional roller coaster for us! But I'm really grateful that all the vendors were very amazing. They really supported us.

Well, talk about the preparation, we need around 1 year to prepare all the things. Following are some of the big things that we prepared :)

1. The first thing we did was setting the wedding date, and then the wedding venue :). Not very easy actually to find the venue, because, our day turned out to be a very very good day for marriage (so many weddings on that day!) First place chosen was already full for the day and they said that we should book it from 1.5 year before... OMG!...we were late, but it's OK. Thanks God we found another place that adequate for all the guests :) (around 1300 people came...) and the best thing was this place suits very well with our wedding theme. We did not want to be too traditional, too oldies. We wanted to be modern and classy. Something elegant.... Think that Plaza Bapindo (assembly hall 10th floor), Jakarta was enough for us :).

2. Venue done, we then found wedding organizer Party Purrfect - we totally did not know about marriage thing so we think that hiring this WO would be much helpful... They did help us much! thank you very much to Party Purrfect - Jakarta team! You guys were very detail, very on time, very neat, very helpful!!! love it...:) Your special effects were very great though we think that they missed the effects for wedding cake cutting and champagne pouring.
All the team had helped us much, and helped giving some brilliant ideas :). Two thumbs up for all the team!

3. The wedding gown. What I want for my wedding gown was a ball gown with the blings hehehe...It should be "me"...very "me" :). I don't mind if I have to use the petticoat, have to walk like a robot hahahah :D. This kind of wedding gown has been on my mind since I was a kid (so "The Secret" thing did its magic again!) . The fabric, satin or tulle? prefer the tulle one. Why? satin ball gown is much heavier than tulle one. My body is so small, I don't think that I can stand wearing a heavy wedding gown all day long. But, gals, I do believe that you will enjoy this part very much. You can try so many gowns until it suits you very well :) until it finds you :). Can not believe until now that the gown found me. This gown just suited my body very well (though it seemed to be bigger on the big day coz I lose some weight T_T) , and this gown is so "me" that's the important part. Cute, elegant and sexy HAHAHAHAHAHAH :D *LOL* Thanks to JJ Bride - Jakarta :)

4. Decoration. In my opinion, decoration will also play an important role in your wedding day. Yes , it's correct that after the party, it will be thrown away. You can not keep that... but uhmm... I don't know, it just can help to change the ballroom into different atmosphere. Thanks to Garda Decoration - Jakarta to deliver what we want. Though some details were not very neat and not the same like what were illustrated in the picture. But we can say that overall decoration was good. oh yeah , one more thing we really love the wishing tree!!

5. Catering! this is very very important. We would like to have very delicious food served so all the guests would be happy ^_^ and their stomach would be full with delicious food. Thanks to Chez Ingrid - Jakarta to make this happened. Their food were very very delicious, and served very well. You can see some of the snacks and pudding picture below... What do you think? I love the Barbie pudding very very much!

6. My Wedding Shoes - Thanks to Lagersons . I ordered custom-design shoes and they could deliver it in 2 weeks :).

7. Prewedding pictures - First we would like to thank JJ Bride photograper Ayong & team, JJ Bride make up artist Ms Sandy & team. You guys did very good job. We love the pictures and the gowns very very much. Following are several pictures taken by Ayong :

Second, would like to thank our brothers and sister who had helped taking our pictures. Love your shots very much! We really love doing the prewedding pictures project by ourselves. From editing the pictures until creating the clip by ourselves ^_^. We just can do anything that we want...Following are some of our result :D

8. Groom's suit - Thanks to Ventlee Groom Center - Jakarta. The cutting is very neat and its design looks classy. It also fits very well to my honey's body and very comfortable.

9. Invitation - Icreation Jakarta. hmmm talk about this vendor, actually the result is very good. Love the our custom -design very much. We get what we want (though we had to pass through many revision to get it). Thing that we don't like about this vendor, their follow up was quite slow. Don't know, maybe because they have so many orders because they also produce other greeting cards. If you ever find greeting cards by Imperial card, that's their work.

10. Wedding coverage - Viure Photography Jakarta. Got this vendor to do the wedding documentation. Can't tell you much about this right now because the wedding pictures and clip are not finalized yet. But they were quite professional. Some of pictures above taken by them... :)

11. Wedding Ring - Frank Duet by Frank & Co
love it!

12. Wedding Make up by Arty (Adeline Team)

what do you think about the make up???

13. Mom's morning gown by Melia Emmy
hmmm actually good, but the follow up was so slow. She liked to go abroad so was hard for us to arrange schedule with her. And one more thing that we don't like, we had to queue up in a long time. So my advice, do not go there on weekends.
Mom's night gown by Albert Yanuar
the gown is so perfecto!!! To meet him, you have to make appointment first, and he will serve you personally :) no need to queue hehehe

14. Wedding cake by Hova Cake - Jakarta
i love the design very very much. And lucky us, we were the first couple who use this design :)

Love our replica on the cake hehehe :D

Fiuh... I think those are the big things that should be prepared... For those who are preparing your wedding, first, I would like to say congratulation! be patient... don't forget to pray.. Good luck for all the things ! Hope everything will be fine!


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  1. Congratulations! Your wedding photos came out beautifully :D

  2. grats for both of you! your wedding gown is super it =)

  3. Congratulations! Just beautiful. Your a beautiful bride. Love your dress xOx!

  4. Fabulous wedding photos! Congratulations! (I also got married earlier this year and preparation was key! You look like you did a fabulous job!)


  5. @xox sup xox : thank youuuu ^_^
    @bubbs : waaw congrats!! I believe you did your preparation pretty well also :)

  6. Hi, I drop by because of the link that you gave in weddingku :)
    Nice wedding!! Looks like its a big, grand & expensive one. Love it so much!! Love your prewed photoshoots anyway...

  7. @pinkbubble : thanks dear :)
    @candela : hi there! thanks :) good luck for your wedding preparation too :)

  8. congratulation!! ur pre-wed photos so adorable :)

  9. We had our wedding at this place last month and it could not have been any more perfect. I LOVE this place! Their chef and event coordinators all were amazing.
    Las Vegas Weddings


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