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Hi all...

my latest post was in November 18...wew... more than 2 months I do not write anything here...
I was quite busy with my job, end of the year - means should prepare new proposal for my clients for this year subscription. Besides, I was preparing for my big day in January 2011 :) - it means that I'm already married now? hehe... yup...that's true..
The last two years have been very wonderful years to my life, significant changes happened.
In the middle of 2009, he proposed to marry me ^_^, that was the happiest moment during the year, of course with his style, his romantic style that successfully made me drop a tear when he was bending his knee, showing the ring and saying "will you marry me?" , and I just could not resist to say " yes... yess... of course"... And I do still remember, his face when he said the words...

We had 1 year to prepare all the things for our big day. From choosing the venue, wedding gown, food, decoration, photography, etc. But it's great that we find this wedding organizer " Party Purrfect" - from Singapore, they really helped us a lot. Many thanks to you guys.
The interesting part for me during the preparation was the prewedding photo session. Got prewedding photo from my bridal also, but seem that those photos are not enough, we then decided to do our prewedding photo by ourselves, helped by our brothers and sister - big thanks to you all!! Will post the pictures later....
It has been 17 days from my big day (January 23, 2011), what am i feeling today? really miss that day. Wish that I can turn back time again. So I can feel that "magic" gown again. But I'm really happy now, knowing that there's a wonderful guy beside me that will always spend all his life with me, will take care of me hopefully til the end of my life :)...


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  1. Hi Mui!Congrats!!:)

    You are welcome to my new blog:
    "Pieni kuiskaus tuulessa"A small whisper in the wind"It found here:




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