Day 6 - 7 Escape to Macau!!!

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Hi there... i was so busy lately... made me a lil bit lazy to post anything hehe.. So im gonna post my last 2 days during holiday trip ... From Shenzhen, we directly went to Macau :) I must admitted that I needed more time to explore Macau, the tour schedule was quite tight, didn't have enough time to go "photo - hunting" and gambling T_T ^_^...

- Arrived at noon and went directly to have buffet lunch at POUSADA MARINA INFANTE - four star hotel at the Taipa island. The food was so so... *_* .

After lunch we went to A-Ma Temple, located in the western slope of Barra Hill. This is the oldest temple in Macao. It's said that this temple was built in the middle age of Ming Dynasty (over 500 years...waw)

awwh.. the weather was soo hottt.... hey.. look at those bunnies!! cute eh...?? before went back to the bus, took a pic first with these mr bunnies... :)

Okay let's move... next destination : Ruins of St. Paul, saw Macao Tower during my way to that place, but too bad, did not have time to go to this tower T_T

and also Grand Lisboa - iconic building in the heart of Macau with 58 floor 261 metres tall - is the tallest building in Macau.

Ruins of St. Paul was Cathedral of St. Paul, a 17th century Portuguese cathedral in Macau, dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle. History said that this was built from 1582 to 1602 by the Jesuits. You can read below :

OK, next destination : City of Dream to watch Dragon Treasure Show (The Bubble Show). The show was performed in a 360 dome screen. Every guest (from our tour group) were given ticket pass to the Bubble Show, one voucher HK$100 to play in the casino, and one lucky voucher to play in the casino too :). When you first entered the lobby area, you will be welcomed by the Mermaid of the COD hehehe so here are the pictures :

The Bubble Show

Mermaid at COD
argh.. already tired...this tour trip really2 made me tired... OK, after the show, we just went around to do window-shopping hehe.. Afterwards, we went to our hotel just at the opposite of COD --> VENETIAN HOTEL :) - a hotel and casino owned by Las Vegas Sands corporation , and it's the largest single structure hotel building in Asia and the fifth largest building in the world by area. The casino measures 550,000 sq ft and the hotel offers 3000 suites (wow...)
And this was my suite room :)

haha that's me on the mirror...

After checked in, we went to the foodhall tAdd Imagery to find something to eat :)

And then..went around, to shop (fyi..Crocs shoes only half price here.. compared to Jakarta ) and take pictures on every corner of this hotel haha...:D

Tired going around, I decided to go back to my room, and took a shower, and went to bed... arrrggggh... looked like I would not wake up from this bed...

At Day 7, I was too lazy to get up earlier... had late breakfast, and went around again!! only until 10.30 am, coz we had to catch up ferry at 12 pm. But oh oh.. suddenly when I was back to my room, my room card could not be used, the room was locked! hey! all my stuffs were in the room.... I called a housekeeper, and she talked in a language that I could not understand..what!!??? but then she called her supervisor to help me opened the door, I had to show my passport, and confirm my full name, my date of birth and so on... awh... grr.... she won't open my room, because somebody had been sent to help me from 1st floor (arrrgh... she has the card key!) and the lady only said "sorry miss, for security purposes".. OK.. it;s already 11.30... we had to catch up ferry at 12 pm.. oh c'mon..but later on, a guy showed up, and checked my passport again, and then he opened the door.. geez... finally, I grab my luggage, and walked in a rush to lobby. The group should gather at the lobby at 11 am...heehee.. when I arrived at the lobby, the tour leader said sorry, because he had already checked out our room at 10.30, he thought that It will not automatically make the card key expired. fiuh... that was successfully kill my mood!! because we were 30 min late, we had to use 12.30 ferry to go back to Hongkong. The ferry trip needed 1.5 - 2 hour , hmm I kinda forget but I have enough sleep hehee....

This is inside the ferry

Arrived at Hongkong, we directly went to airport, had lunch over there (Burger King hehe) and fly back to Jakarta... Got Dior travel pack at the duty free! heheh :)

OOoh.. I miss HK.. Im gonna back again.. maybe next year! alone with my hubby of course! for shopping only hehehehe :) LOVE U HK!

Thanks for reading my trip ;)


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