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Hi Hi... a random post now... well, what do I do in my spare time? web browsing, hmm listening to my ipod and putting mask on my face, going to the mall, watching DVD, sleepingggg!!!zzzzz..., photo-hunting, hummm going to spa, what else?? hmmm doing my craft project!

Craft?? yup..!! I love anything related with handicraft goods....sometimes, making goods with my hand during my spare time, can help to reduce my stress level!! hehe...This thing has became my hobby since I was in elementary school. My mom used to design and sew my dresses on her own when I was just a little girl hehe..I liked watching her doing it . Then I asked her to help and teach me how to sew my Barbie's dresses... I really really enjoyed it. Mom also loves knitting until now!! she knitted a phone case for me ^_^. Then when I was in Junior High, my cousin taught me about flanel craft. My first project, a rabbit doll! I forget where my mom keep it. And then learned to make something using clay during my senior high.. haha... love it! my first project was Forever Friends doll figure (replica of my Forever Friends doll)... lately, I was into flanel craft again... I tried to make something such as flower hair clip, brooch, & flanel cake :)

And lately, I decorated a wooden frame, covered it with ribbon and created with love and TA- DAAA.... this is the result with me & my hun pic in it :

see you guys ! :) thanks for reading... ^_^ v

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  1. ihhh lucuuu&kreatif!! dulu waktu sma aku jg bikin kunciran dr kain flanel gambar binatang trus dijualin :)

  2. heheh makasiii nisaa... aku ga kesampean mau jual2in ... nti kalau uda ada waktu kosong baru kayaknya hahaha :D lumayan bisa belajar bisnis...

  3. wow you totally have ur moms genes!!! ur crafts are sooo pro and nice!!! looks like something i would buy!

    Thank you so much for following and commenting, it means a lot to me =], im following you back now =] hehe


  4. hi alx :) thanks for commenting and following me too :)



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