Holiday Trip : Hongkong - Shenzhen - Macau , Day 1

9:35:00 PM

yay!! was going to Hongkong - Shenzhen - Macau during Idul Fitri holiday.
Avia Tour helped much to manage the trip, so I could enjoy the trip very much.

The trip was started at Sept 8, 2010. We took Phillipine Airlines (departed at around 1 am) and transited in Manila first. Arrived at Manila around 6 am in the morning (*yawn* was so sleepy at that time), and then we had to wait around 2 hours then departed again with Phillipine Airlines to fly to Hongkong (departed at 8 am). We arrived at 10 am at Hongkong.... Hello Hongkong!! kyaa... I even didn't have time to brush my teeth *yucks* haha...thanks to GO FRESS ORAL CARE STRIPS...And then we were picked up by a travel bus . And my journey was begun...

1st stop : Repulse bay...
located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. It's said that Its name comes from a 19th century battle in which the British army repulsed attacking pirates. Didn't have much time to walk around at this place... after took pictures, we were called to go back to the bus...awh...

kruk kruuuk.. oh oh... hungry...after stopped at Repulse Bay, we went to Jumbo Floating Restaurant... yay!!! time to had lunch...
2nd stop : Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen harbour a chance to take a picture first before board with Jumbo's free shuttle boat. See my smiley sleepy face haha...
Below is picture of the Jumbo Floating Restaurant

And also some food that we had over there :

look yummy?? not bad lah... but I still prefer Chinese food here in Jakarta HAHAHHAA :D

3rd stop : went to Madame Tussauds located at the Peak Tower on Hongkong Island.
haha.. look at this, I successfully took a picture with my Pitt :D *LoL*
became an astro girl?
haha with my teacher :D
Me, Madame Tussauds and my BF...
aw.. too many pics in this place to show you...I also took pics with Madonna, Anita Mui, Andy Lau, Michael Jackson etc etc....even you can find Hitler in this place :D

4th stop : Avenue of Stars, located along Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui. sst.. we took our prewedding picture at this place :D *sorry can't share the pics now :D*
but I can share with you this!

ciattt... with Bruce Lee...

5th stop : our hotel "L'Nina Hotel; 8 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan , Hong Kong" to check in...

The hotel room is quite clean & comfortable , love it! Who said that we directly went to bed... nope nope...

6th stop : Opposite to our Hotel, is Citywalk, one of largest shopping centres in Tsuen Wan. We went there after put all our belongings at our room. We walked around to find a good place to have dinner... then we found Cafe de Coral to dine in . What did I have for dinner ?? this one.. the taste?? so so... even I could not finish it :D

After we had dinner, we tried to find Applestore at Citywalk, would like to buy Iphone 4G hehehe... but too bad, ready stock phone were not available T_T hiks....So we just walked around and window shopped...

7th stop : again , back to our hotel... so sleepy... did not forget to take a bath first before going to bed...
hmm... had a wonderful and good night sleep at that time... :)

see you at the 2nd day...!!!

will be continued ....

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  1. nice photograph^^ pls post more pic! I'd love to see more =D

  2. Your photos are so cute! I love HK, I totally miss it. I think I've even been to that floating restaurant...

  3. so lucky! I miss HK so much, I haven't been back there in over 6 years :*( Gotta check out the wax museum next time I'm there! Thanks for sharing your trip :D

  4. @ Rin : Thanks beib...just wait for the 2nd day, 3rd day, and so on HEHEHE :D

  5. @ cafe bellini : thanks hun... yup...I love HK very much, especially central!!! hopefully i can go back there soon :)

  6. @Annie : woow.. are you from HK? yes... you should check out the wax museum... :)


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