Holiday Trip : Day 4-5 from Disneyland to Shenzhen

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Hi everybody!! how's your day? hope you guys have a wonderful day :)
I'm gonna continue my story about my last trip...hope that it can helps to give you a lil bit snapshot if you want to go to these places... :)

OK, if you remember that in my last post I was telling you guys about my trip at Disneyland HK.

Day 4
At the 4th day, I was still at Disneyland.. but only at the hotel. The plan was actually I and my hun would like to go back to the park, but the weather was not friendly at that day, the rain was falling down, made us feeling lazy to go anywhere. So we just walked around the hotel and took some photos until the time to depart to Shenzhen.

Before I forget, following are the room pictures at the hotel *sorry for the mess* :

had breakfast at Chef Mickey. Like the food very very much... so delicious!! you can choose from asian to western food here...

Waiting to depart, I just explored the hotel. And took some pictures... too lazy to go out...

C'mon, let's continue to Shenzhen. Still rainy when we're departing to Shenzhen. The first thing that attract my eyes is Diwang Mansion (Shun Hing Square), highest building in Shenzhen with height around 384 meters.

And then LV boutique hehe....

We stayed at Panglin Hotel for 2 nights. And this was my room :)

After checked in, we went to a restaurant near Lowu Shopping Mall to have dinner. And after that, shopping time at Lo Wu Shopping Mall! But arggh.. we only had around 1.5 hours to shop! is it fair!!???? uuuh.... this shopping mall actually looks like Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua here in Jakarta. But you can find extra cheap stuffs here...haha...I found many stores selling LV bags they also provide the catalogue awwh (they said those bags are with original leather) , Crocs shoes - not original of course! Clothes (Korean Style) with only around USD 5 which clothes like this will cost around USD 10 - 20 in Jakarta (even in Mangga Dua)..You have to bargain here! don't forget to BARGAIN! try to bargain until a third of the price.... Mostly visitors in this mall are Indonesian (wondering.. maybe coz it's still holiday season here in Indonesia)...hmmm and the seller also can speak Indonesian haha... haha.. oo but be careful with pickpockets and thieves! watch your bag and your's quite dangerous here...I also saw a thieve was arrested by the cop before we went into the mall hehe... what a show!
From this Lo Wu Shopping Mall, we went back to hotel :) so tired....

Day 5
Still at Shenzhen...That morning was started with breakfast at 50th floor Sky Paradise... The food? not bad lah... so so...
OK, our first trip at 5th day was going to a traditional Chinese medicine store (forget the name) and then to Window of The World ;) You can find miniature replicas of famous landmarks and attraction from all over the world, e.g. Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Egypt, Borobudur temple, etc.

OK let's move!, from this place, we went to Splendid China to watch traditional dance show at Impression Theater. But before watched the show at Impression theater, we watched horse riding show depicting a battle led by Genghis Khan first. And the last, we saw an open-air colossal theatrical show about China folk culture. Following are the pictures :

The Horse Riding Show

Me in front of Impression Theater
Show at Impression Theatre (you are not allowed to take picture here.. hehe but I successfully took 1 or 2 or 3 pictures or whatever *sorryyyyy*)

China Folk Culture Village show

That's all !! Back to hotel! :)
Hope you will enjoy your trip too to Shenzhen :)
C ya at 6-7 Day at Macau!!!


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  1. I must say, those replicas are amazing! :) It looks like you had so much fun. <3

    Your room looks great!


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