Holiday Trip : Day 3 - Hong Kong Disneyland

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Hi! I will continue my story about my latest holiday trip :)
Will tell you what I did during 3rd day at hongkong...

1st activity at the morning : had breakfast at L'Hotel. Still at the Cafe Circles at 9th floor. I chose crispy mashed potato and croissant... Like the crispy mashed potato very much. It's so yummy :)
That morning was our last day at L'Hotel, we checked out and then moved to Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. Checked out time :)

Welcome to Disneyland Hollywood Hotel ^_^

After checked in, we directly went to Disneyland Park using the free shuttle bus provided. Hey Hey...I stepped my foot at Disneyland Park Hongkong :) this is my ticket with Minnie Mouse on it :)

That's me, was busy scanning my finger to get into the park :) , the girl in front, is my hun's sister :)
Welcome at Main Street, USA !

If you want to see the park map, just go here
uffh hmm the weather was very hot, the sun shined very bright, my skin felt sun-burned :(... but it's OK, I still could give you a smile :) cheers!!!
below is the picture of railway station at Main Street, USA - Hong Kong Disneyland :
First ride : Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad - this train travels around the park, you can stop to other station at different side of the land :)

Me & hun sat at the back...
After riding the train, we decided to have lunch at Adventureland - and there were something that made me feel like I was in Indonesia ... hahaha...the song played at the restaurant was Sundanese song (Sunda is an ethnic group in the west Java) !!... and almost all the visitors are Indonesian!! I forget the name of the restaurant... so sorry :)
Ok, continue... after we had our lunch, we went to see Festival of Lion King show, still at Adventureland, following are some of the pictures :

Hakuna Matata... sing the song!!
After the show, we directly went to Jungle River Cruise...hmm.. too bad, I did not have many pics during the ride, coz I shot it in a video...

haha looks scary?? dont think like that :) it isnt like what you imagine, it was pretty fun riding it!!
Below is our picture in front of Rafts and Tarzan's Treehouse

After this, we went to Mickey's Philhar Magic at Fantasyland, and from far away, we saw the parade was performing.

Mickey's Philhar Magic is a 3D attraction, we can show Maestro Mickey and Donald show here...I like this! but sorry, I did not take any picture here :)
Below is Sleeping Beauty Castle at Fantasyland, where the fireworks attraction would be placed at night.

Next riding, It's a Small World still at Fantasyland!

I also watched The Golden Mickey show at Fantasyland, you can find almost all Disney character here, from Mickey, Minnie. Pluto, Donald, Stitch, Lilo, Toy Story characters, Beauty & The Beast, and so on :)

c'mon , let's explore the park again... we were heading to Tomorrowland, when I saw Stitch! "hey, where's Lilo?? hehe it's OK, can I have a picture with you Stitch?"
I actually would like to try Space Mountain, but too bad, it was closed that day :(
So, I tried driving Autopia haha

But this ride is less challenging :( even I could not drive it fast!!... urrrrgh!

After this, I tried to enter Stitch Encounter, with the local language (coz the show with English language was coincided with fireworks show... So as you can guess, I did not understand what Stitch said!!! least I could sit to wait the time for the fireworks show :)

Tadaaa!!!, this is the peak show! Fireworks show.. I shot it in a video , and also took some picture of it...please enjoy :)
Can you recognize it? this is Disney logo ^_^

Disneyland at night , before it was closed :)

Awh, that's all for the night... time to get back to hotel :)

Will continue to 4th day :)
c ya!!!

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  1. Looks like you're having a great time! I've never been to the Disney in HK, but it looks so much less crowded than the one in Orlando, FL. I remember when I went as a little kid, there were people EVERYWHERE! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics looks like so much fun! Can't wait to check it out when I go to HK next year! I've been saving up like crazy to make this trip happen! ha xD

  3. hi all :) tx, yup that was great and so much fun!! Disneyland in HK is the smallest Disney park if im not wrong . yes it's not too crowded when I was visiting. but almost of the visitors are Indonesian i think ... coz I could hear everyone talking using our language heheh :D

    @fashionable asians, wish u success saving up so you can go to HK next year, dont forget to share me the pics... will you? :)

  4. Your trip looks really fun! The last time I went to HK I didn't have much fun, I want to visit there again!

  5. Hi Din! I envy you coz you went to Melb :( when did you go to HK? I would love to visit HK again but only for shopping ;D

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  7. i've always wanted to go to HK!! looks like so much fun :)

  8. Hi!
    Your blogname caught my eye because my last name is 'Mui' >w<
    Omg I'm craving for Disneyland right now..........

  9. @Jen : if you like shopping, I think you should :D

    @Mei : seriously?? hehe... mui is my nickname, my bestfriends calling me like that...haha...waiting for you to go to Disneyland, and share me the pics :)

  10. Hi,nice to meet you.This is pretty blog.Thanks for follower me.

    Looks like at you're having a very nice.I come glad watching these your photos.Hope at I get same day
    Disneyland too.Hope you a lovely day!:)


  11. Looks like a fun place to visit! :)


  12. Disney Land in HK seems fun!! I have never been to any Disney theme park. Hopefully I can visit one in the future!! Great photos and great blog!!

    Lovce Nana


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