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6:08:00 PM

Hi gals...
Thanks for keep reading my blog. Now, I'm gonna post on how using the KONAD stamp.
Happy reading :) !!
1. prepare the KONAD Plate, KONAD nail polish, KONAD Stamp and scraper.

I use m36 plate

*yaw.. you can see scratches on my plate haha... because of the practice*

2. Use the cotton wool and nail polish remover to clean the plate , stamp and the scraper.

(just a trick , I won't let the remover dry on the plate, when the plate is still wet, immediately appy KONAD nail polish - this is much helpful to get the pattern picked up easily by the stamper...)

3. Apply KONAD nail polish to the design chosen. No need to cover the whole pattern of the design. Just a wide enough stripe that will cover the whole pattern when you scrape.

4. Immediately scrape the polish off the plate.

5. Hold the stamp and press down to the plate and then lift. Stray bits of polish can be easily removed with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover.

6. Stamp it to your nail with rolling motion.

7. Let it dry for a few minutes before covering with top coat :)
Hope this is helpful :)

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  1. very nice tutorial! it's really simple and easy to follow
    unfortunately i don't have a konad stamper and have never tried one before :( not sure where to buy them from. i want one :) it looks really cool and i love the designs

    <3 xx

  2. Thanks Jen :)
    hmmm do you want to try buying it from ebay? * i was thinking to buy it from ebay before.. but suddenly found it at local mall. *

  3. yeah i'll try ebay and just looking in some shops here. hopefully i can find it :)

  4. cute tuto, thanks for share <3

  5. super cute, thanks for sharing <3

  6. thanks fei... hope it helps ya :)

  7. Really nice tut =)!

    But I am so lazy and think: doing ten nails is so time consuming O_o! LOL

  8. thanks pixie, haha yup i also do it only at my spare time :) but i do enjoy it :)


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